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By Anonymous
i beat him first try but it took me 45 ****ing minutes to capture his ***... the monsters in iceborne have so much HEALTH
By Anonymous
i will never leave the house without a diablos ever again
By Anonymous
Few tips for easy kill on his guy:
1. Craft Laguna Glaive for boost damage. Most Master rank fights that present a roadblock, from my point of view, requires you to craft weapon with elements that is effective against the boss so that you will have less chance encounter timeout in slaying boss.

2. Glavenus roaming region overlaps with Diablos. So causing the sand pit to collapse in area 8 by hitting the wingdrakes to make them scream and call Diablos to break the ceiling in Area 13 to reach area 8 will make it easy to lure Glavenus to Diablos when it is enraged.

3. As mentioned before, the main strategy is to lure Glavenus to Diablos each time it is enraged and each turf war encounter will cause 1920 damage (minimum damage from my observation) to Glavenus.

4. Bring mega barrel bomb because sometimes, he will run to area 7 and might be inflicted with sleep by the masked tribal creatures there when you fight. So you can get 1 free sleep-bombing chance. (not guaranteed) Or, there is a felyne there that can help you trap the boss for free-hit.

I am using insect glaive (Laguna Glaive) as my main so....I am not having much issue dodging his attack. Hope your fight will be a breeze using the above tips.
By Anonymous
He is fast and hits hard very similar to Barioth. For this I highly recommend to take evade window and/or evade extender. If you do this I would also take constitution. Obviously I would take fire resistance.
If you can (I know it’s hard) break the tail. I think breaking the head will decrease the damage of his fire balls. To break the tail I recommend any tall weapon with sever. If you are taking the DBs or SnS I would use the clutch claw to you advantage. I believe that’s all I have to say. Don’t give up! Happy hunting and hoped this helped!!

~ Eriatha
By Anonymous
Hey guys I that I might share some tips for him. They are probably not that good but it’s all I got. So you usually want to take a long reach so you can hit his tail and head. When his tail is glowing always go for the tail because you need to try to cut it off. I doesn’t do much but it still decreases the range. When his tail is rusted go for the head. When he does his all around tail swipe I think if you stand by the left leg if won’t hit you. I don’t exactly remember. When it comes to skills fire resistance and evade window really help. I always use health boost but that’s me. That’s all I have to say for now. Remember the hardest part is not to give up! Happy hunting!

~ Eriatha
By Anonymous
Reminds me of a hot wheels car.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Why isn't the Insect glaive called a Glaivenus? :D
I said, Why isn't the Insect glaive called a Glaivenus? :D
(More silence, this time with crickets chirping)
I said, Why isn't the insect glaive called a Glaivenus
(Even more silence, this time with a few bored glares)
By Demonica
Because that's f**king stupid... ly FUNNY! It's just as bad as the cat puns. It's not funny.
By Anonymous
watching it attack other monsters is literally so satisfying
By Demonica
Today we have... RATHIAN! *rawr* vs.... 1000 DEGREE KNIFE!!!
By Anonymous
watching it attack other monsters is literally so satisfying
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