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By Anonymous
Glad to see this guy come back; wonder if there are any plans to add Gigginox as well.
By Anonymous
plz no...
By Anonymous
I think I’d rather die, khezu gang 4 lyfe
By Anonymous
I loved the Giginox.... am I alone in my masochism?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
die in a fire
By Anonymous
Fortnite is for 11 year olds. You gotta be at least 12 for this garbage.
By Anonymous
@25DEC Seriously just end it already.
By Anonymous
fortnite shall burn in gold rathian hellfire then blown up by a seething bazelgoose, then eaten by a savage deviljho to be spit back out again and be destroyed by ruiner nergi
By Anonymous
he looks very snug
By Anonymous
doo doo crack
By Anonymous
Wtf is his health
By Anonymous
I'm a tad upset he doesnt get an insect glaive o.o
By Anonymous
Ice element tree, doesn't say his name but is definitely his theme
By Anonymous
Yeah wtf his health is absurd, with enviroment traps and a turf war I dealt 3k damage and still took me 47 min to win I thought I wouldn't make it
By Anonymous
Welcome to Icebore - the worst aspects of MH amplified. Nauseatingly boring.
By Anonymous
If you took 47 minutes to kill something, you were doing something wrong. Longest battles i had were 25-35 minutes, wich was the usual on old MH games against monsters you didn't know. World made things too fast.
By Anonymous
lol his health is not that bad people... If you want to complain about something try the tempered version. It does stupid damage, I have 1000 defense and he can cart me in 2 hits.
By Anonymous
is there a way of them showing that you need to break the head to get the amber hardfang
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