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By Anonymous
Do you add the damage of the arrows to the AR? Or is their a specific damage conversion?
By Anonymous
I wanna know too
By Anonymous
The Bow's damage and the arrows damage are combined for the actual shot damage, but the AR stats will only show your bow's stats and not the arrow's.
By Anonymous
Noob question: can bows be used in sniper mode like in ds1 and ds3? I can't figure out how to bring up the crosshairs..
By Anonymous
Use the light attack or heavy attack of the hand youre not holding it with
By Anonymous
Whats the best bow fir bow build
By Anonymous
There are binoculars in Majula if u drop down near Things Betwixt entrance. Equip in your off hand and the bow on your right hand.
By TrevorD1
Shoutout to the Dragonrider Bow. Not only can it be obtained very early in a playthrough, but if you Infuse that thing with a Firedrake Stone (Also obtainable early with the Silvercat Ring to survive the drop onto the rubble where the fire lizard area is in the Forest) it becomes even more of a multitool. It will deal 3 kinds of damage with a stellar base that (to me) makes up for the loss of stat scaling. You'll still get the best shortbow damage per arrow even if it is a tad slower. Furthermore; the fire infusion makes your arrows light the tar pits that the Vibe-Check-Vore-Hands hide in within the Gutter / Gulch on fire - killing them outright, and it's generally great for beating a poisoned enemy down if you're going for a full cheese kill.
By Anonymous
Fire arrows, you’re welcome...
By Anonymous
and then it will becomethe worst **** ever in the dlcs because it seems that every single enemy there has +50% elemental defense and you'll do much less damage than you did in base game enemies
By Anonymous
How does it deal 3 kinds of damage?
By Anonymous
@anon Sept 2022………Because it already deals both physical and magic damage vanilla, adding fire makes 3 (though you could use lightning or dark also depending on your situation)
By Anonymous
So what is actually the best bows for a combat archer whose a little closer and a sniper? And would these work on the same buil? If not, is there a build that can be a mix and use either one bow for everything or multiple?
By Anonymous
As far as I know, one of the best, if not THE best bow(s) for sniping is the Sea Bow. As for closer up, the Composite Bow has you covered for that. If you want something that’s somewhat good for both scenarios, the Hunter’s Blackbow works well too.
By Anonymous
In what circumstance would I ever need to do a jumping attack with a bow. Why is that even something you can do?
By Anonymous
Look up ymfah bow only
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By sirjohn41
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I did a bow jump attack by accident and got myself killed, I was so pissed off at that stupid useless bullsh!t.
By Anonymous
Obviously Bow Jumping Attack only Challenge duh /j
By Anonymous
Why so few bows in the game?
By Anonymous
Do some enemies get a movement speed buff if you attack them with a bow? I've mostly noticed it while fighting alonne knights where when I land a few hits they charge me faster than sonic on crack