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I have a question, and it is that I'm wondering if controller configuration still exists because I very much liked Type B in the first game, and I hope the second one isn't limited when it comes to controls.
To anyone with the game, is it possible to swap interact and dodge?
Yeah setting on the ps4 but O will be your X for the whole system. You can always default it back to normal.
How to swap secondary and primary core?? i did it by mistake and now i am stuck with no soul core....time to quit this game..
In PC? button you hold change weapon/stance + dodge/roll button. you will se the arrow to change back and forth from secondary to primary.
Wow you are going to guit the game beacuse you didn't read how to switch back and forth
Why I can't use left stick button(L3) for any action?
how to swap guardian spirit on keyboard? when i press change guardian spirit key on keyboard it just aims bow wtf