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By Anonymous
The weapon gains strength as you level up the familiar.
By Anonymous
You can equip the sword and familiar at the same time by setting the sword to a Shortcut.
By KsBrute
A familiar/sword that can be equipped as a weapon, or as a familiar. While the sword might be useful equipped as a weapon, as a familiar it is no longer worth it post-patch(damage sucks).
By Anonymous
once you get this familiar you will never use another until you reach 99
By Anonymous
Buer kinda crushes bosses compared to Bloodbringer, even at much lower level
By Anonymous
Has anyone else noticed this thing cloning itself? It's back to one now at around 80, but everyone time it reached a transformation threshold I ended up with multiple Bloodbringers.
By Anonymous
That's happened to me playing on PC, as well! Damndest thing. I wasn't sure what triggered it.