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Only build you need, Rhava Greval with Welcome Company
2 cursed rings and bunnymorphosis, spam that dive kick on top of bosses head, done in like 3 secs
True Arrow (can level up early) + crit chance ring + crit damage ring + stacking LCK + mana regen + reduced mp cost + directional shard book. Spammable ranged heavy hitter
Tis Rozian and words of wisdom is extremely strong for practically no mana.
i have a few builds. ---Witch Build-- Equipment - Bandit Blade, Witch's hat, scarlet dress, solomon's ring, skull necklace, over the rainbow. Shards- Shuriken, Sacred shade, Chisel Barrage, Words of Wisdom/Augment int, Silver knight summon. First off, you must have words of wisdom and augment intelligence at rank 9. This will help any mage in the game, but this is also to increase chisel barrages fire rate Bandit sword, it is utilized to dodge attacks by using its back steal attack. But the focus is on Chisel barrage. It is noted to equip the Sage's Tome and Deadeye tome to make this even stronger. You can destroy any boss within about 5-15 seconds with just this combo. --Berserker Build-- Equipment - Rhava Velar/Bandit blade/Eternal blue, demon horns, flame mail, Silver power ring x2, Over the rainbow Shards - Welcome company, accelerator/sacred shade, chisel barrage, optimizer, dantalion summon by far the best set in the game, further boosted with rank 9 optimizer, augment str, and [weapon expertise of choice] this increases your attack speed through the roof and pure str as well. Optimizer is the best yellow shard for most melee weapons, and it helps all instead of just 1 type. Silver power rings increase your damage based on your kills, and further into the game, nothing beats them The trick here would be based on each weapon. Eternal blue, use invert and you can cleave over the heads of most bosses use bandit blades back steal to hit 2 times for high damage numbers and Rhava velar, is the fastest weapon with constant damage. Equip the might tome + Prowess for attack speed or godsend for high crit chance. Dantalion gives a decent Str bonus and almost +30 attack with his spell, best summon really --Bunny Foo Foo-- Just a joke one i created. Equipment - Toy boots, bunny ears, valkyrie dress, speed belt, voice changer, bunny scarf Shards - Shuriken, accelerator, chisel barrage, optimizer, dantalion Just love the Squeaky shoes + the voice changer, it matches. Alternatively, switch speed belt with Eye of horus to look tiny. and bunny boots instead of toy boots
summon hellhound with gebels glasses and skull necklace. if you dont have glasses use words of wisdom and warlock necklace + fire ring. I use standstill for bosses, this lets your hellhounds tick damage every half second or so and last until you uncast standstill.
i use almost the same "melee rush", but instead of Flame Mail, x2 Silver Power Ring and Demon Horns i use valkyrie and 2x Solomon's ring. it's classic from SOtN - LCK build. since my firstplay, when i incidentally get rhava b-somthn from first barber, i've made me mind - 'tis be LCK build. alas, on nightmare difficulty it's... not all worthless, but smthn needs to change from boss2boss. oh btw, nightmare is my third playthrough, so lvl 69, all prim shards are 9/9, and so on.