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Disappointing that the Xbox One physical copy states 2 player local, AND 2 player Online, yet includes neither............
Do you think making a game is easy? Iga launched the game with the basic content the game should have, the rest will come with 13 free DLCs.
Making a game may not be easy, but he recieved 5.000.000$ for it. Just to compare, the Hollow Knight recieved 57.000$ (even less, since it's Australian $ and they worth less than U.S $) and their game is still more complete than Bloodstained, that suffers some minor bugs, and indeed, states on it's buy page, that there is a 2 player mode. This is enough to make somebody complains about it. And wrong advertising is not something to mess with. And I'm not saying that Bloodstained is bad, I do enjoy it a lot. But it seems to me that after such a long time and such a budget, the game could have been better.
Gotta wait for the Nintendo switch launch on the 25th it’ll be there on the update from what I read
Any info on when, really looking forward to trash talking my GF! >83
Everyone remain calm. They plan on having a LOT of DLC. And they are hawking over the community for ideas. More than likely, there will be a lot of requests met. But it needs time, be thankful they put out such a masterpiece, and even more thankful they want to add even more to it.
u still think this way? no word....
It states on the back of the cover that this game has local and online co-op yet this isn’t true. Why put mistruths on the cover, what purpose does that serve? If someone purchases this game on the basis of the aforementioned erroneous label, they should recieve an immediate refund. Additionally there is no set timeframe or approximate as to when this promised content will be released.
Just downloaded this to play with my fiance, she is pissed, we have been having trouble getting any game to work on xbox game pass on pc, and then there is this false advertising wasting our time.
Coop coming in 2089 or what ?
Comprato solo per il coop offline ..........dov'è.?
Imagine a bunch of losers last year crying over multiplayer and saying it'll take forever when it was released.
STHU Nigga