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By Anonymous
What the hell do these mean/do?
By Anonymous
i think con is the rate of MP regen, i feel like i do recover mp faster than early game
By Anonymous
There are drinks with a first time bonus that raise your MP regen, among other things. My sky high con had nothing to do with mp regen being slow as ever. But slamming down multiple smoothies and fruit drinks jumped me to 5mp a second.
By Anonymous
The in game description for con is that raises max hp, "not Constitution influences the amount of physical damage taken.". I have tested and confirmed that the in game description is correct.
By Anonymous
Where the heck is the in-game description?! I looked all over the place and couldn't find them.
By Anonymous
I think In-Game Description means the Loading Hints. Yeah I also have a fast PC so I can't see them.
By Anonymous
Seriously the hints on the PC appears like a split second wtf
By Anonymous
Same thing
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By xSpiderMuffinx
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Anyone know what curse does to enemies, ive been hit with it and it seems to halve your max HP/MP temporarily, but im using a curse sword and from what i can tell it doesnt make enemies die any quicker.
By Anonymous
If CON increases max HP why does not the book that raises CON do nothing to HP
By Anonymous
Thanks a lot, really helped me, great guide :)
By Anonymous
Big if true.
By Anonymous
I'm not sure CON is correct. Equipping all CON-up items doesn't change max HP. At the time of writing, I have 57 CON, I'm able to add +10 CON (about a 17% increase) through equippable items for a total of 67 CON, and my max HP stays at 1187 regardless. Perhaps it increases the amount of Max HP you gain at the moment of LEVEL UP? Or when a MAX HP UP item is grabbed? In any case, it doesn't work as currently written above.
By Anonymous
Con effects physical defenses. This can be seen in loading tip with MND, and also in practice such as nightmare mode when equipping something like the rusted ring which will give +2 defense at certain break points. No idea if it effects potential cap of max hp.
By Anonymous
In my test Con gives +1 Defense per 2 points in Con. In fact.. If you remove all your items, your defense is 1/2 your con. The ratio may depend on difficulty setting as well, I can't be sure yet. Con does not seem to affect your hp in any way.