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By Anonymous
So, it´s a good game, but i like Dark Souls better, at least Dark Souls is not full of posers who claim to have played the entire saga and only knew it from this game in the first place, besides dark souls is not such an empty world, it seems that turning recurring enemies into bosses is not very good idea, really From and Miyazaki could have done better...
By Anonymous
Why some people say this is the last replayable souls game?
By Anonymous
The like/dislike and comment system are broken and comments cannot be interacted with. Fextralife, Please fix this. and to those reading this, spread this information to Fextralife as much as possible.
By Anonymous
It's NERF (every good weapon in-the game) or nothing
By joejos
I want a way to see wiki activity (what pages are being edited and commented on) and I want a way to see my contributions
By Anonymous
armor core 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous
Please fix the up/down voting on the comments.

It being broken is making the site a lot less fun/engaging.
By rchapmanitt
Anyone know what the gold circle on the left side of the screen means. Is it a gold rune?
By Anonymous
New Waifu: Melina. . . .
By Anonymous
wait did it actually just refer to melina as a waifu
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