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Here we go again...
Please dont do invasions if the host doenst want to, this is incredibly annoying. >inb4: git gud Why you doesnt suck my ****? =)
Go play super mario, bro
The mechanic is litteraly called "invasion" you're not supposed to want them in your world, that's why it's called "invasion"
I agree and im good at PvP... invasions was a cute idea but 100% dumb in the end.
If the host doesn't want to, they have options for not getting invaded. Play offline, don't ember, and the oh so popular disconnect. Stop complaining that the game doesn't cater to exactly what you want. You could also play something else.
All these people complaining that OP doesn't like a game mechanic need to git gud at being a living, breathing person rather than a toxic meatbag. You want PVP? Play it your damn self. I want PvE and Jolly Cooperation, and to be left alone otherwise, rather than being punished by the developer because I don't like and don't want to invest the time to get better at the toxic cesspit of ganking and gimmicks I keep running into in PVP. At least in Bloodborne they let you kill the Bell Maidens. In DS3 it's "'get invaded 5+ times in two hours if you want to co-op. Otherwise "play offlynelolgitgudcasulscrub."'
All you ****** complaining about invasions and pvp in these damn games- when you go ahead and buy a souls game and summon phantoms for "jolly cooperation", you must be joking when you have a "hard" time fighting bosses with two other people. That is what invaders are for-to show you the true meaning of this game and skill; go ahead summon as you like but your gonna have to pay the price difficulty instead...
@ the "all you ******" commenter I, uh... I beat this game by myself. Sometimes, though, I just like playing the game with my friends and get annoyed that scrubs enter the game and annoy us. It takes away from our enjoyment of the game, because we enjoy the PVE aspect, not the PVP, and we enjoy it more when we can play it together. If you think "difficulty" is the point of these games, then you're a moron. They're not even that hard. PVP isn't even that difficult. It's just ANNOYING, even when we win. Is that difficult to understand? Should I explain again with simple words?
To the last commentor- you probably haven't even scratched the surface of pvp to call it merely not difficult. Sure, you probably have a gold medal in the arena, but you were fighting average players who simply change their armor to fit the wants of "THE META". If you want to see good look up Jeenine or Bdubz or Babba Gabri. Knowing you couldn't care less, if invasions are annoying to you, you clearly have some sort of help if you dispose of them quickly with minimal effort. Thus you are contradicting yourself by saying you're avoiding the toxic cess pool of ganking when you know you do it just urself to remove "pesky invaders."
This PVE'er should just suck a **** and play monster hunter
Nice to know people don't read. I said it's annoying win or lose. It's just an aspect of the gameplay that I straight up don't like. It isn't fun for some players. It's a chore. By themselves, with a group, whatever. You can talk trash about my or anyone else's skills all you want. It's not our skills that are the cause of the issue. It's an aspect of the game that, while interesting and innovative, isn't necessarily something a player would want. Let the players who want it have it. Don't force the players who find it boring, annoying or whatever to take part in it. There are enough people screaming "git gud!" on all of these requests that no one who liked it would lack for invasions if players who didn't like it could opt out and still co-op.
I believe we can reach a middle ground; watch this: Although it seems pretty tedious at first, it will only bring peace in the player base tension.
The link must have not loaded. The name of the video is "invasions aren't necessary in dark souls"
it would be good if you could turn on or off invasions. if you turn on= you get more souls playing pve but you could be invaded by other players. if you turn off= you cant get invaded by players but you get less souls and you can still be invaded by pve dark spirits. what do you guys think?
Possibly a good idea-lets just hope us invaders get hosts to invade and not the same gank over and over again.
That middle ground is what I was asking for the entire time.
Found the games journalists circle jerking each other about “playing the game how I want to play” in between their cries to mommy because they made a big poopoo and need her to come change their huggies
Poland just before WW2, “hey god can we turn off the invasion mechanic? I don’t like that look Germany is giving us right now” it’s called invasion not invitation you chodes
I think it's a good idea if they set aside a whole mode like a battle royale type deal and you have the option to join if you want or not.
dont buy the game if you want them to remove features from it just because youre a big softy casual.
Hype Hype Hype Hype Hype Hype Hype
Who is this pretty boy with a hammer in the anvil?
It's young Andre ;)
how you know it's a boy can be a girl
He doesnt have famale tits and you can see his back muscles are masculine, woman doesnt have this back frame, even the strong ones
Dark sun Gwyndolin.


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I must to say, I'm so much more hyped for Elden Ring than Cyberpunk2077... Hope ER will be released next winter, maybe spring... :) It would be awesome game, sounds like mixed Dark Souls and Gothic series. In Gothic 1 and 2 there were amazing, well-crafted open worlds, with many hidden paths and secrets, packed in relatively small area.. Nothing like vast and boring deserts of Elder Scrolls. I feel ER may have the best fantasy world even created! :)
so by Character Customization that means female option too right?!


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Not sure if legit female gamer asking for equity in games or trashy weeb hoping for big anime tiddies.
Yes, but their only available classes are chef and maid
is the guy with a hammer forging the ring or is he destroying it ?
hes destroying my ring
Probably forging it back together. I think you get a new piece from every fallen boss. And got to do this forging in the main hub... can’t wait.
Sekiro and now Horses? Can FromSoftware get any worse? Wow they have fallen off.
You have a problem with horses, ***** boy? What the *****?
lol your probably the type of guy to say ds1 is the best souls game
Wait but ds1 is the best souls game I’m halfway through 2 at the moment I finished 3 last month and I finished ds1 a couple months ago. I must say the y the environment in ds2 is awesome and the story bits of 3 are the best part, but gameplay wise I think ds1 is best.
while the 3rd most disliked comment was obviously satire, you and the 2nd, my friend, are just stupid
I hope to see multiplayer in this game
I'd like separate co-op and and PVP matchmaking settings. I get people like PVP, that's all good, but my friends and I just want to play co-op (they can even up the co-op PvE difficulty more if they want) without having to deal with invading players, wasting our resources on them, and possibly being killed and having to start over because some toxic player gets his jollies from ruining other people's day. I don't want to invest the time to git gud at PVP. I just want to Sunbro it up and otherwise be left alone.
It would be really cool if you could connect with someone with the invite button on steam.
Playing a game the way it's intended is not "toxic". Crying about everything that doesn't cater to your delicate needs IS.
Playing a game the way you want and interfering with the enjoyment of others in said game even when they show you, in game, that they're not interested, and then justifying it as "I'm just playing the way it's intended!" is, in fact, toxic. Crying because someone suggests a mechanic be changed so that two different player types can compromise and both play how they want isn't toxic, either, mind. It's just really, really stupid.
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