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By Brotienshake
i was watching a playthough and this was one of the few fights in these games that made me feel awful for killing one of the bosses
By Anonymous
Is it as bad as Sif in Dark Souls?
By Anonymous
Sif doesn't have a full *** monologue about why you're the bad guy during the fight
By Anonymous
Free her from her misery. She is not really helping anything other than her own conscience and temporary mental support for the people in the valley.
By Anonymous
Emma hit me harder than Sif and Astraea combined. At least with those two you don't have much choice and can't really be blamed.
By Anonymous
What do the blood demons in the pool of plague drop?
By Anonymous
The moment your heart of gold was taken from you
By Anonymous
is she poisonable
By Anonymous
I dunno, i shot her with 60 poison arrows and she never got poisoned. She still took good damage from them though.
By Anonymous
No, only bleed.
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By Bloodshotbandit
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Went back in fractured mode with PWWT to fight Black Phantom Garl and he just stood there with his shield up. It took several shots of fire, as each shot only did 36 dmg in NG+, and he only tried to heal twice, which was negligible.
By Anonymous
People be like “ayo this fight sad” then there’s me like “no stupid. The filthy women literally says the valley of defilement went to garbage when she arrived. Furthermore she’s chosen to become an arch demon, feeding the old one souls.”
By Anonymous
Rule #1 of Soulsborne: every bad thing is secretly good, every good thing is secretly bad. Astraea was a demon, but it reveals that demons and gods aren't at all different except in how they are percieved by the collective. Astraea provided a haven for those who had nowhere left to turn (which is why the valley became "defiled"). Even Selen remarks how despite its filth, the valley and its inhabitants are pure of soul—creatures you can't help but pity, that don't desire anything but to live in peace. They merely attack because you prove to be a threat to their way of life.

Second thing—archdemons don't provide souls to the Old One until they reunite with it. That means you. You're the one destined to feed it the souls of the archdemons and their followers. Archdemons don't necessarily serve the Old One, least of all Astraea, whose faith in god instilled in her an urge to protect the souls of the defiled ones, having been abandoned to be devoured by the Old One in the first place.
By Anonymous
"Rule #1 of Soulsborne: every bad thing is secretly good, every good thing is secretly bad. "
No ir isn't. You pulled that out of your ***. Like the rest of your speculation.
By Anonymous
astrea tried to suck the corruption into her to free the others, but it didn't work.
By Anonymous
Ah yes, the same Filthy Woman who basically says "Dudes used to fancy me till Astraea came along"
By Anonymous
"No ir isn't. You pulled that out of your ***. Like the rest of your speculation." It's completely true lmao. Having nuanced bosses with sad backstories is like the first thing most people think about when they relate lore to gameplay.
By Anonymous
You take the filthy woman* as a reliable source. Who's the stupid one here?
By Anonymous
Garlic simpland and onlyfans Astraea
By Anonymous
Truly the most vile demons in Boletaria
By Anonymous
Made in Astraea