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Info on the other 2 forms please.
Is the teleport for Phantom form actually a teleport now? I remember from the alpha it was just a crappy dash not a true instant teleport.
Too bad there are only 3 forms , i was kinda hoping that there would be a Yokai form for every elemental type.
They'll probably add more with the dlc, but three is still disappointing.
i wanted to make a kitsune
1-2 more forms with DLC is possible. Also it is possible that current movesets for current forms will be expanded.
Can't fill the YOUKAI gauge. Played the fist mission killing everyone (except the big youkais) without dying but that gaube is still not full. Is this a bug?
This is for story reasons, the boss fight of the first mission is where the transformation unlocks
Anyone else finding the amrita gauge fills REALLY slowly? Even with two combs equipped and pleiades+extraction it barely fills. Does it require a flat amount of amrita? Seems like that would really favor late-game
Think they lowered the absorption rates to decrease reliance on this mode. In Nioh 1 you could easily make a near unbeatable, but extremely boring to play, build based off consistantly triggering the living weapon mode.
Whilst the actual power of Yokai Shift is weaker it seems you have infinite anima whilst within it *hitting an enemy in 1-2 strings will usually unlock all abilities* This form seems pretty strong for simply using yokai abilities. Using it well just means you have to play as if you don't have the form on and avoid blows (Still much weaker then LW. But that was busted)
Using yokai abilities as soon as I earn them is what fills the amrita gauge faster. Of course u have to hit what ur aiming at but it fills a significant amount
can anyone explain how to properly use Yokai shift, I'm finding it damn near useless
Main advantage of Yokai shift is that you cannot take damage so it has good defensive property. When it comes to hurting enemies in this form... Well I cannot day damage is impressive (because I didn't checked hehe) but you can deal it without worrying of your health. So it cannot be useless. Use it when you lack elixir's or when you need to keep your health up.
Sure! Read this web page. It explains everything..
When in yokai shift you dont get amrita instantly. It gathers in the air and you collect it very slowly. To collect faster you need to hold R1 and R2. This collects the amrita faster so do this between comboes to extend your shift