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Imma be honest, I dont even remember this boss
Spider tiddies
You must not be attracted to women or spiders, then.
So glad im not the only one that was gonna say tiddies
exaggerated swagger of a sexy lady , am I right boissssssssss
I'm not sure how.. But I used my soul to make Quelaag's Furysword.... Now suddenly I see I have a soul of Quelaag in my inventory.. How is this possible? I don't know.. Is this a really cool glitch or something? Anybody know?
It isn't a glitch, you can create the weapons of the bosses
What he said is that he USED the soul for the weapon, and now he has the soul again
Are you sure you weren't in NG+ or something?
I gave it to "Frampt" and received not 10000 souls, but 100 souls... just 100 miserable f*cking souls, clicked the link and there it shows a diferent NPC (the Kingseeker Frampt) huge difference there uh? Anyway, 9900 souls I'll never see again and 2 weapons I just lost forever. Thanks A LOT for that.
What are you even talking about? What NPC is there besides the one listed? There's only one Frampt as far as I know.


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Salty boi
Bahaha!! 9990 measly souls!!
Goofy mfer
9900 souls is nothng i just lost 70000 souls and i am not crying like you
the souls description says that she is now a "chaos demon" does she get that 20% extra damage from BKWs cause shes a demon or is it metaphorical?