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By Fexelea
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I'm having fun with the alpha - hope you guys are too!
By Anonymous
I absolutely do. Even though "Nioh 2" gives off almost the same feeling as "Nioh 1" up to now, there are some nice innovations. The similarity is not necessarily a bad thing for me. I look forward for the finished game.
By Anonymous
I've beaten the three demo missions, found all the Kodama/Sudama and completed the yokai "illustrations" info I love the new monsters and weapons, all the little additions. And i love how it still feels like the same game. It's awesome. :D Aaand, I just completed the online post-demo survey. Anyone looking for it, its on the PSN under "more from Nioh 2 Alpha Demo. The picture is a cute little Sudama.
By Anonymous
To anyone having trouble fiding the post Alph Demo survey, its in the drop down when you hover over the Nioh 2 Alpha Demo. In the "more from Nioh 2 Alpha Demo" section on the PSN. It has a picture of a cute little purple Sodama. Survey took me about 10 minutes, probably would take most people a little less time than that.