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That isn't necessarily a bad thing. LOL
there was a new 1.1 gig patch today but I can't find any notes or news.. anyone know whats up?



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They added the Hellfire Knight DLC - patch notes pages has the info on other fixes as well.
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This game is fun but flawed. *in4b downvotes*
How does one get the Astrea blood code



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Pre-order the Digital Deluxe edition back before the game came out. Buying the season pass right now might do it, but I dunno for sure.
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to answer your question, yes. the season pass does incluse the Astrea blood code. just look in the basement storage area and it's there.
Nonostante le recensioni negative se non pessime di alcuni you-tuber, io ho trovato il gioco più che soddisfacente specie col passare delle ore infatti inizialmente può sembrare ostico soprattutto il gameplay ma quando capisci i motivi e soprattutto la simbiosi del companion allora tutti diventa divertente, l'unica cosa negativa e' la grafica non a caso sembra un gioco della PS3 ma ben altre meraviglie compensano il tutto, giicatevelo tutto ma proprio tutto e capirete!!



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This is one of those games that seems sort of "meh" in the beginning. However, the more I played it, the more I began to really enjoy it. An anime-esque soulslike with vampires???!!!!! Don't let the slow-paced intro turn you off. It is, indeed, a great time.