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By Anonymous
Waifu souls
By Anonymous
More like Weeb Souls.
By Anonymous
Got a beta code and I've been playing off and on since last night. Nota bad souls like, definitely rough around the edges, but it's a beta. Love the character creator though, crazy options available. Hit boxes are wonky though, some weapons whiff and ranged attacks sometimes hit the floor for some reason. Backstab window is really hit or miss. Love the art style though.
By Anonymous
I feel that the hitboxes are still a bit wonky in the full game...
By Anonymous
Does anyone know the co op level range and what else it is affected by. I tried to co op at level 1 but I have a plus 3 weapon. Haven't been able to co op at the start with this set up.
By Anonymous
was also wondering this as well because i set up a build and everything but nobody is summoning help in the starting area and i think its because nobody is summoning help in the starting area at all and only in the depth wish it was like dark souls with invasions because you only needed to press the orb once and it would keep searching as long as the effect is up would be nice because i would be able to do other things while waitin to be summoned
By Anonymous
best anime soul
By Anonymous
Demo is great, runs super smooth on PS4 pro. Great character creation.
By Anonymous
Update: full game does not run great. Nice trickery with the demo.
By SunnyHobbies
On first impressions the game looks very easy. Small shards = titanite shads from DS. Medium Shards = Large titanite Shards in DS. Both type of shards are available very early in the game. Easy to upgrade weapons. In DS games large shards were not that easy to get early game. Combat looks nice but too many items to use/consume. Played the demo and it was mediocre at the best.
By Anonymous
Those weren't upgrade shards, *.
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By Fallenangel700
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Anon is right, Shards give you haze (souls). You need a fair amount of Queen Iron (titanite shards) to upgrade weapons to level 3 where you start needing Queen Steel (Large titanite Shards), which didn't drop in the demo.

Additionally, the main demo level is the first level of the game. Saying the game is easy because the tutorial level is easy is like saying Dark Souls is easy because the Asylum level was easy. Try the challenge areas in the demo. The enemies there are much more challenging and are probably a better indication of the actual game. The Queen's Knight and Blade Bearer bosses in particular are fun, tough fights.