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honestly garbage for whatever youre trying to use it for. If youre trying to give people the toxic effect use something like the gravelord sword or guardian tail like ***** itd be more efficient to use dung pies at least then youre not wasting an attunment slot on 1 cast, and if youre trying to use it to cut off an area or trying to get people to not go through it then use acid surge, people dont ***** with breaking their items especially mid pvp, and if youre trying to use it to blind people still literally any other one would be better especially dark fog because its cast time is linked to dex. Theres probably a small use for it sometimes when you need to poison something to death just to get one more cast on top of the 3 you get with poison mist but still I would never pick it just to have on my character to pvp or explore any pyromancy would be better
I know this was a year ago but for anyone reading, the reason this excels in my opinion is because the poison status effect is pathetic and pretty much ignorable unless fighting for long periods. Most people will have crap toxic resist so getting them is easy enough in one hit and it draaaains. To the point where they either need to risk going into the menu to get a blooming purple boi, or to rush you, which may be exactly what you want for a forest hunter or gravelled using the environment
Tomatos hidden Jutsu: TOXIC MIST
You gotta be kidding me. I'll just to do a fifth run because of this*****ty pyro.
How it feels to chew dung pies
Smoke weed everyday used in 2021? Dare I say based?
I don't want to show off, but the nasty farts from my blighthole are far more toxic.