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I was having trouble slaying this one, so I got a really great group together, it wasn't too terribly bad. I got the last hit with about 750 damage. I was esthatic. But the game crashed and deleted the whole battle from my save. I tried 2 more times and utterly failed. So I gave up.
The glave works pretty well against it, soloed it many times.
I feel so bad for you
There orher page in your hunters notes what does it say?
Had an interesting experience last night. Seems like Velkhana enrages anytime you rotate with grappling, smash into a wall, or stun. Was having a lot of trouble fighting until we realized this. The enrage happened much less frequently after I stopped trying to impact walls. Hope this helps someone.
After quite a lot of Master Rank Play, I think this applies to most Monsters in Master Rank. They will almost always enrage after a wall slam and usually enrage after 3-5 Grappled punches. This is of course to stop you from abusing the free knockdown.
I dunno, i farmed Rathalos few days back and could do at least two wall slams before it become enraged
Most times, if the eye icon is yellow...you can wall slam most monsters.
I have 20 ice armor and IT stil hits me die crazy And im fighting IT with dual blades
The quote needs to be finished
I'm going to SOS this boss. I spent all the time dodging, attacking, consuming little potions, and not dying, but the damage but still wasn't enough. Azure Rathian is more difficult. Barioth was ***** hard to me and I tried it like 3 times willingly. But this Boss doesn't want me to try another 50 minutes solo again...
Edit: Ok at the end I managed to kill it alone. Tried 2 SOS. The second one somebody died 3 times. last one when the dragon was sleeping. Then I had my 4th try (alone again). I sent it to sleep after 20 minutes and died 2 times trying to kill it in the nest while sleeping....Then I saw these barrels everybody use and managed to kill it with 2 barrels and 2 or 3 demon dances.
Even when I SOS someone else just faints 3 times
This and (Blackveil) Vaal Hazak mADE ME USE LIKE 100 NULBERRIES WHY


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Start using resist skill in Master Rank
DB user here. Speed eating and stamina is your best friend. Dodge all the attacks, combo then dodge again. Rinse > repeat. Solid ~50 mins solo first try using fire blades
i saw this monster and said nevermind i want iceborne that and alatreon