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Whatever, just cluster it to death.
... ***** it I NEED do get this off my chest... is this just Zamtrios and Kushala? like think about it, it has the basis elder dragon skeleton and even has some of Kushala's movements, but it has the gimmick of Zamtrios's ice armor... is it just me?
its really just you
Kushala, blizzard edition. Bring your flashpods...
Unfortunately, Velkhala is very resistant towards flashpods as it gets back up as soon as it hits the ground
MR monsters become resistant to flashes as you use them, but velkhana has the lunastra skill of not giving a fnvk
Look at the icy boi over here! hey I'm back already... ok lets go. Velkhana is a very COOL Elder Dragon capable of coating itself in a icy shell like Zamtrios, however the way they CHILL themselves are most likely going to be different, as of now I do believe that you can fight this icy boi in the Iceborne Beta but I am not sure, haven't played this game in like a month, alright lets look at weaknesses. Weak points include but are not limited to the head... yeah that's all I know... Elemental weaknesses will likely include Fire and or Thunder and Aliment will include nothing... maybe Blast but eh... but that stuff doesn't matter when you have Elder Steal and maybe SAVAGE DEVILJHO WEAPONS!!! Weapons and armor have been leaked already, we know we have a Longsword, I can estimate the stats being something like 750 raw attack, 265 ice, white and maybe even purple sharpness, plus 10% affinity, and maybe even a level 3 slot or something, yeah i know estimating stats on a weapon we know nothing about is far fetched but I DO WHAT I WANT I CAN DREAM YOU KNOW!!! armor skills have already been leaked starting with something I already forgot... but anyways I didn't forget the Frostcraft ability as when your weapon is sheathed it builds a layer of frost around it and when you attack a monster, the ice acts as a projectile that can do some damage, to me it sounds like a skill to use with Critical Draw but be honest who uses that... Now as for the fight, he likes to use his tail a lot as a poking tool, he also likes to make ice walls that can act like a area limiter refraining your movement... And that's really about it you could just watch a video and it would do a better job explaining everything I said here... Welp... I'm going to sleep now... later...
honestly why do i do this to myself? also if you want to call me something then just go with Doggo.
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So to answer any questions you may have. Velkhana is not a pushover, it can basically wreck your hunt easily as not much can be done to get it down other than doing enough damage for a ko in midair and that's already a risk if you are still wearing armor that you stuck with for high rank all this time. (Unless you're one of those skilled few who actually managed to make it through master rank without changing builds at all) also flashpods work half the time you do flash it sometimes it goes down only for it to go back up and try to attack you whilest being blind. Velkhana often one shots any hunter below 500 defense with the most common death to velkhana is the ice blasts that she spams frequently.
Temporal mantles are practically unstable thing to use as the number of dodges per mantle have been nerfed to the absolute ground. If there is any advice I can actually give, learn velkhana's attacks and don't choke it at the end of the hunt.
Use the iceproof mantle.
Took me 48 mins of nail biting bull*****to kill this beast that final area when hes close to death is just a constant spam of attacks so hard to get clean hits on him with a great sword when u have to non stop dodge.
lul nub
Ez with hammer and slugger secret build (diablos armor). Had lumu or nargacuga head for weakness exploit, forgot which has it, tigrex coil/faulds and the rest diablos. WE charm.
What hammer tho
Well it's easy to see why. Strong attacks. Velkhana's beams and tail attacks fling you off if you clutch his face. Clock him in the head like your trying to ruin an ice sculpture. He's gonna be seeing stars for the rest of his life. (or get exhausted if you missed the head)
Just a small tip, she does her tail spear two times for the attack, so dodge when you see her doing and move behind her if you can, and she does a large ice blast before she reverts to her armor-less form
This is wrong, just had her do 3 in a row. It’s *****ing stupid
She can actually do it three times. It’s *****ing stupid
Velkana attacks twice but he will attack three times when enraged.
My small size is 2339.45 :D for mini crown ^ ^
The best thing is that this dragon is only the tip of an ICEberg when it comes to the problem we are dealing with during the story of this expansion. My face literally FROZE when I realized it and the fact that I'm about to deal with something even stronger sent CHILLS down my spine.