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Elder Dragon: Legiana edition
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Looks like a mix of Alatreon and Kushala Daora. And or an elementally stable Alatreon. Like if Iceblight won out.
whos altreon
If you mean Alatreon, it's an elder dragon from one of the previous games that was capable of using all of the elements.
Not all, he lacks water and he switches between two modes to be exact: standard, ground based fire/dragon one and more mid air oriented ice/thunder one.
baroth mixed with xeno jiva
that looks nothing like either of them.
Come on... I need to hold back the ice puns.... come on... THIS MONSTERS COOL damnit
Oh, it's ok bro, just CHILL out.
Oh, it's ok bro, just CHILL out.
Legiana on steroids
Is comfirmed bois
Looks like Legiana mixed with Xeno' jva