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I think Lautrec and Yurt would be 'great' friends
More like competition
And the worst competition at that. Yurt is a much more formidable opponent ion terms of feats and body count.
Thank mother Kos he doesn't hurt Ostrava
I love you, Yurt!
Hes not in the nexus or at his place in latvia... he killed the two random npcs, and he's not in his spot.

Does that mean I need to kill another boss and have him kill the apprentice? Will it screw up Mephistos quest if the apprentice is already dead, or can I just be freke?
For some reason, Yurt never killed any of my NPCs. I freed him in two playthroughs, did not kill him, killed the remaining bosses, and never found any NPCs to be missing. Strange.
same. i didn't even know he was evil until i remembered i freed him after starting NG+ and looked him up lmao.
Because people like this guy, comparing him to solaire???
"I have murdered every surviving human"

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I can't be the only one who keeps remembering him as "Yurt, the Silent Chef."
Yurt fall from the platform where a freed him , his corp is in mid air so a can t loot him , will his loot respawn if game reload ( like the machine gun hunter in bloodborne )