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The chime of screams makes you want to scream with how slow it is
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i see what you did there
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Same as outcry, u will cry
By BarkerBarks
Oof, how’d you know I did that when reading
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So the only good ones for Lightning are the Disc Chime, Witchtree Bellvine, Dragon Chime and Priest's
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Hey, i've got a tiny question, I'm trying miracles and I'm looking for a little info : what is the best chime/talisman to use miracles only, and as a little bonus, what is the best for both miracles and hexes, for info, i've got 50 faith and 8 int, might redo my stats later ^^
By Anonymous
Dragon chime easily
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Don't use miracles, they are no fun, sorry but thas fax no printer.
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Which chime do you recommend for 30-31 faith? Im just gonna use sunlight blade...
By Anonymous
Any chime is viable as long as it's fully upgraded and infused with a boltstone. But if you're just going to use it for SLB i'm not sure if it being upgraded or infused matters. Also why the ... in your sentence? Are you unsure of your decision or something? Sorry for focusing on that but it throws me off when someone uses an ellipsis (three periods/dots) at the end of sentence that seems simple.
By Anonymous
Sunlight blade needs 36 fth fyi
Less fth is possible though incense, but it lessens duration. That said, the best chime for <50 fth is Priest's. Not that it matters for SB, as damage from buffs doesn't count scaling.
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Obviously I was not sure ds2 is different than the others :') anyway thanks for helping both of you
By Anonymous
cleric or dragon : they are the fastest cast (and for buff or heal, that is the only thing that matters)
By Anonymous
Dragon's chime for miracles, caitha's chime for hexes, priest's chime if you only want only miracles until you get dragon's chime, cleric's chime if you want both miracles and hexes, or just hexes until you get the better chimes. You're welcome
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i'm the same guy that made the post, and something i forgot to mention is that if you aren't going to lvl up your faith to 50 but still want a chime for miracles, just keep using the priest's chime.
By Anonymous
To add to the person below: Idol's Chime is also very good if you wish to use Faith-leaning Hexes early game. You only need that faith early game, which isn't hard to get with things like bonfire ascetics.