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This shield sucks
fashion souls



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This shield is garbage, you're much better off buying a Heater Shield from the merchant instead of using this, if you don't have any options.
Fashion trumps everything. This shield is elegant af.
In term of stats and weight, it is bad compared to other lighter shield. But... Screw this, Fashion Souls.



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The Knight shield is one of the worst shields in DSR. In theory, Its a good early game shield with usable amount of fire, ok stability and it's easy to get. However in practice, there's other shields like the heater shield that did way better than the Knight shield. The heater shield is lighter, has more fire reduction and it has a faster parry timing. The heater shield is also obtain earlier than the Knight shield. The Knight shield is heavy, has subpar stats and it's not good enough to be a fire shield since it's fire reduction is 60. Don't use this at any serious build.
I dont care that it sucks, it looks awesome and it gets the job done.
Indeed, looks are everything. Fashion soul!
And if it's good enough for Petrus, it's good enough for me.
It's helpful for early game Shield only runs. It's the highest AR Shield you can grab easily before you suicide sprint the Catacombs. You need as much AR (or cliffs) as you can get in that challenge run or fights drag out too long.
in my opinion it doesn't look good. and I almost always have a hollow soldier shield.. but if you like it thats fine ^^
Do Crystal weapons push up item discovery like magic weapons?
I think fire +9 and +10 damage stats are switched
A noob shield... really?
Best early game weapon for a Shield-only run. It has the best AR out of all the shields you can easily grab with the Master Key. Only the Black Knight Shield compares, and you need luck to get that. Get the Knight Shield to +5 then run through the Catacombs and farm a Bonewheel Shield. The extra AR and good stability makes a huge difference when farming them at 20+ Strength. The rest is smooth sailing for the run.

It also works great on killing weaker aggressive crowds like Hollows, Undead Attack Dogs and Giant Rats. Spiked and Pierce Shield have a harder time against multiple targets and Bonewheel is slow against them all, giving the Knight Shield a small niche.

Otherwise it's outclassed in every way but fashion.