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Is this on PC?
Yes, its currently on pc. 2nd quest on the 2nd page of events tab
yes its on pc
why cant i post this quest?


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This quest has a requirement of 14 Hunter Rank. Is your Hunter Rank high enough?
Is this quest still around?
When dose the next one come out
After getting your first feather, talk to the mantle crafter in Astera for the turn in quest
So we fight them 2 times?
I can't find this quest
It may be out now, lots of the quests were gone for a bit, right now they should be here, it's a high rank event quest, it should be on your second page on the low/high rank event quests.
It should be there now, they were gone for a bit, the quest is on the second page of the low/high rank event quests, its level 8
Is this not on PC?
Is there a way to keep lunastra separates for the entire fight
She will not spawn in the first place until a set amount of time has passed or if you finish of the first two monsters.