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Dude. To be real, Divinty Original Sin 2 has, like, the worst wiki ever.



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You are right, also satyrical is a ******.
As far as fixing accuracy goes, Crossbows always have 5% accuracy on them, so any crossbow archer always has 100% accuracy, base. many weapons have accuracy as a statistic, and putting a venom rune in a socketed amulet gives a fair amount of accuracy, as well as the Vulture's set from the relics of rivelon gift bag. Also, the glitterdust spell reduces enemy dodge chance by 100%, meaning even with uncanny evasion, it still eats into the target's natural dodge chance, if any. Spells do not check accuracy.
If the base is 95%, Then how in the world does Sebille have 55% accuracy, it just doesn't add up!!
Is you weapon the same level as Sebille? If it's a higher level you will have accuracy penalties