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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

thanks for making this, it's really helpful.


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Glad I could help! Be sure to let me know if anything should be added.
Health regen is in fact affected by recovery up. Tried and tested
you can edit the page with the data you recorded if you want
Ok on the recovery up page you put as affected with regen but on the regen augment page is not whos the braindead that wrote this?
Probably two different people! It's a wiki, not a textbook.
Maybe you should learn punctuation before you call other people braindead. It is a pain to read your comment.
If you can't read something without it being perfectly punctuated for you, you're kinda the braindead.
it would be nice if this page told how to unlock augmentation
Guiding land materials
You unlock augmentation when you get your first Hero's Streamstone
When you fight tempered elder dragons, you get streamstones to augment.
So according to Reddit, to unlock Augmentation you need to get a Warrior Streamstone or something first.
I got it after discovering Guiding lands myself, I think it's that you need a Warrior Streamstone to augment weapons
for iceborne no but for base game different streamstone for different weapons
Is there a page that explains weapon augmentation in Iceborne?
ok so I searched augment Icebourne and here I am. Useless. What items do I need as it does not say here???
banbaro >>> attack increase>>> ancient great horn
dragonvein bone >>>attack
attack increase 1 >>>> Bloodstained Ebonhide
Idk if thisll help anyone but I can tell you rarity 11 element/status effect up I : x9 Night hood x3 Fierce Dragonvein Bone x3 Distorted Crystal x3 Malformed Frenzybone.
Defense for rarity 11 : x9 Muddy crown x3 Fierce Dragonvein Bone x3 Cracked Crystal x3 Weathered Cragbone
I got a few more for the others aswell but not all of it, rarity 11 Attack : x? ??? x5 Ancient Great Horn x3 Heavy Dragonvein Bone x? ??? And Affinity : x? ??? x5 Crackling Thunderpelt x3 Heavy Dragonvein Bone x? ???
Now that Iceborne has dropped are augments still available?
Yeah, but they are slightly altered. Each weapon has a certain # of slots and each augment now costs some amount of slots. e.g. atk augment costs 3(?) slots iirc.