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a tip when you start doing builds, if you can have more then one turn then i'd recomend prioritising the initiative atribute for damage dealing builds, since in the second game, you could have 2 turns before the enemy have a turn, if you had enough awareness, but many people didn't knew how it was broken because usualy in games like these, action points are the best pick, so i can see the devs puting it into te game again if they don't realise how broken it is, just something to keep in mind to help you out in making builds. :)
sorry for my bad english btw
You will find that they have addressed this issue in WL3. Initiative now only dictates if you can take an individuals turn when ambushed. Its now a "all PC's move then all enemies move" situation (if the player initiates the combat).
Explain the "you can take an individuals turn when ambushed. " part.
I've found some witch and knight outfits that aren't mentioned on the game outfit page, how should I go about detailing how to get them?
you find them when you come back from garden of the gods. There is a note attached to the costumes that say this