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By Orkwurm
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Added some high-res images. really like this place alot :) reminds me of fishing hamlet
By Anonymous
While most of them are slow as snails to attack and move, the ones that look like old ladies holding knives can run extremely fast. It's surprising when they first come at you.
By Anonymous
"this hatred of fire is characteristic of the undead of dark souls" what does dark souls have to do with this game??? at all??? i'm sick of hearing people bring up dark souls whenever there's any possible connection you could make up
By Anonymous
It's helpful to find patterns in each game universe's themes.

...But in this case, whoever wrote that was SO far off the mark. The Undead don't hate fire, otherwise they wouldn't consider bonfires their "home" lmao. It's more of a recycled idea from Bloodborne and the beasts' fear of fire.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
They do stop respawning after several deaths. Around 10 or so.