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By swordwithnoname
This screams 'bad ending' when you get to see it, like a 'YOU FAILED' or 'try again' screen should have popped up
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You ever think about how Shura is basically a Lord of Cinder? I mean, even down to the flames crawling up Sekiro's arm as he becomes an indominable force.

I knew there was a reason I always chose not to link the fire, lol.
By Anonymous
Man didnt even touch DS's wiki
By Anonymous
Shura Ending is my fav just because of several things. Owl actually acknowledges Sekiro and welcomes him into his plan until irony occurs. Yeah sure Owl is just a pragmatist who really just cares for himself, but seeing this short father-son relationship is pretty cool. Second, Sekiro smiling, even if its barely noticeable after the first fight. Finally, the final few lines of dialogue after the screen just reminds me of the beginning of the game, but instead of a war of survival, we end it off with meaningless destruction. Thanks FromSoftware!
By Anonymous
what a badass ending, too bad that second mortal blade and the fire arm don't carry to subsequent ng cycles
By Anonymous
if they ever existed i mean lol
By Anonymous
That's the first ending I got, I was like "sekiro owes everything to his father, plus he saved his life, he's probably just testing his resolve and will help save kuro later"
And then, bang, bad ending.
By Anonymous
I got this as my first ending damn, I kinda feel bummed out for all the content that I missed out cause of this quick ending. Now I am doing second run charmless-demonbelled cause momma didn't raise no pussie
By Anonymous
While this isnt the first ending I did, I think From should have made it so that if you dont start new game+ when it asks you, you should start before owl and choose to disobey the iron code.

I've played this game 4-5 times, and I never get tired of it. But it does really suck for people who have chosen this as their first ending, they were locked away from a substantial cool part of the game and have to play all the way through again to get to it. Kinda just feels like bad game design imo.
By Anonymous
Edit: You also don't really know about the black mortal blade from this ending, it seems like From just expects everyone to disobey the iron code on their first go, which is not how everyone played it. While cool, this ending doesn't really feel like an ending to Sekiro.
By Anonymous
they make it pretty fkn obvious they dont want you to choose shura ending, when u try to obey the iron code when talking to Kuro after the genichiro fight, it makes it obvious then, and then when Owl and the game ask you repeatedly whether or not ur sure u want to obey the iron code... as well as the fact that its excruciatingly obvious Owl is up to no good in the cutscene, if u still chose shura after all this i feel like it's your fault
By Anonymous
It’s not bad game design because you missed the obvious sign the game gave you to think twice about your choice. If anything, it’s good game design because it forces you to reconsider your actions. That, and you can explore further in NG+.
By Anonymous
Well, yes, but no...
Just because "they don't want you to chose shura ending" doesn't mean anyone has to go with it ...
I did not like the kid, + by disobeying kuro you also start the path of granting his wish, by this time you got fushigiri .
And even if you disregard that, don't you think someone ( insert benevolent boss) would try to put and end to shura's bloodshed ?
By Anonymous
NO yOU caNt bE shURa
By Anonymous
Never play on english dub
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
idk why but in my first play through i tried to obey the iron code, and it would not let me.
By Anonymous
You must have been trying to do that the first time Kuro asks you. It won't let you choose that option then, only when you see Owl up where Genichiro was in Ashina Castle.
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By MatinArtorias
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Best ending: isshin won't die from illness, Emma finds dogen, Owl gets proud of wolf, Genichiro is gone forever, demon of hatred won't come, anayama and kotaro get a big shop, both wolf and kuro are alive and happy
By Anonymous
not sure if kuro is happy
By Anonymous
no no no, sculptor gets killed before he can turn. anayama and kotaro are as dead as can be. kuro is wolfs hostage for his blood. And all of ashina gets destroyed. Wolf went on a rampage killing everyone.
By Anonymous
Except that Sekiro is now a Shura, sees only the next kill, likely entirely crazed and hence would probably kill Kuro, Owl, and everyone in due time. Cause blood and killing is all he is.