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New Elsweyr Sets are interesting for swapping magicka > < stamina players.
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With necromancer and these new trial sets zos must be really money hungry. At least with the jewlery crafting that came with summerset one could have a friend make it for them. Zos has just become absurd with the p2w. Eric Wrobel must have gotten fired for calling them out on it lol
How is this game pay to win at all? you have to pay to play the game in the first place. Then if you like new content you pay for the work they put into it. If you want something free, go make a sand castle in your backyard.
i agree with second anoymous here; this is a DLC. All games that release new DLC (wow included) release new stuff you can acquire in said DLC. None of this stuff is particularly broken compared to anything else. You are buying new content not buying to have an advantage over another individual. Pay to win would be having to spend real money to get the upgrade materials to upgrade weapons and armor past blue for example. Ive played games like that; ive seen folks who roll around with near unstoppable gear that they paid 1000 real dollars for. This aint that
besides; 90% of people who enjoy ESO will be buying Elsweyr. So if youre so butthurt about a new DLC then perhaps you should not be playing an RPG
Get a job.
I'm also pretty certain that you don't have to buy elsweyr to wear these sets, you just can't get them yourself.
Thanks need AoE taunt please.