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By Pro_Moriarty
Also has a perilous 'grab' attack where they jump grab you and bend your back in half......little*****s
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
After Ashina Castle initially gets attacked, theres a Nightjar down the right side of the castle past the Old Grave Idol, sitting at the broken bridge. One of them (Senpou Assassin in red) pops up and attacks. When I killed him it played a voice file with subtitles saying, "Impossible... How did..." Not sure what that was about...
By Anonymous
Ya. I found him too. Hoping for lore
By Anonymous
I think it might just be some anime or manga reference but it might also be related to the badger questline
I eavesdropped on that short guy while he was hanging from a ledge and I forget what he said. I found him by going around the outside of the gate that leads to the bridge
By Anonymous
Basically, if you eavesdrop on him, he laughs about how easy it was to lure most of the Nightjar away from the castle, explaining why none of them are guarding the castle rooftops (except for the token force that got slaughtered by the Lone Shadows and Senpou Assassins).
By Anonymous
Surprisingly deadly enemies that are particularly trivialized by using stealth.
By Anonymous
At the back of one of the roofs of the buildings past the Old Grave, after Owl's attack on Ashina Castle, there is one of these guys clinging to the roof. If you eavesdrop he will reveal that one of the strategies Owl's shinobis used to weaken the castle was by luring most of the Nightjar to the back of the castle (this is why there are so many nightjar in that area now) leaving the rooftops mostly defenseless. If you kill him he will say "no... impossible..." or something similar as he dies.
By Anonymous
These guys are the only enemies in the game that can cling to the edge of walls or roofs like Sekiro can. However in most cases where they do this you can reach an area behind them undetected and throw a shuriken at them and they will fall off. It's pretty funny actually.
By Anonymous
No offense..
By Anonymous
I hella don't get how to kill the hat ones without axe. With shielders you just jump on them then dodge their run attack and do two free hits on their backs but this guys are inpenetrable!
By Anonymous
I'm having an issue where I use the axe on these guys and hit the hat directly but it doesn't break, even after multiple hits. Eventually it works but I'm having to waste so many spirit emblems.
By Anonymous
I don't know if it'll help, but sometimes I just jump and use the axe in the air, that way the attack is relatively fast and it generally breaks their hats.
By Anonymous
Sad to see they nerfed the money reward for these little douchebags.