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This game is hard. Each new boss encounter is intimidating and requires that you learn an entirely new strategy for victory. The environments are beautifully crafted. The combat is tight and fun once you learn the rhythm. The only problem I have with it is the AI. Sometimes enemies can see you from ridiculously long distances and other times, you can be right next to them and they appear to be blind.
Hey man, you might not care or see this lol but the diferent enemy types have different aggro radius and LOS. Just in case you were wondering why this is that they see you from different distances.
“Agro radius” is one thing I get that scouts see further and typically tough enemies are more aware or have a larger radius. But what about the m***********s that raise a torch and no one around cares? This game so is garbage and should be drastically improved.
Awesome game. Bosses (mini-bosses too like the general, yeah I'm at the beginning) are tough stuff. It is definitely a Dark Souls game, but with a wonderful change up of scenery and combat style, and other things. The engine is the same as DS.
i can't find a new location and it's driving me absolutely nuts.
so *****ing*****