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Hello Pinwheel my old friend
i should have known better by this point, but i died twice keeping my distance and trying to redirect the lightning attacks. i really didn't expect her to have absolutely no counter to the "wail on you with my *****in sword" technique
using shinobi anti air deathblow technique is also very effective whenever she is preparing her lightning strike, since she is up in the air for a few seconds and you can kill her in one strike
The reward is you can go in the water below without being spammed with lightning I guess.
and a Prayer Bead.
Who wrote that Notes and Trivia section? There's no contention whatsoever. Tomoe is a *person* who mentored Genichiro, the Okami Warrior Women are a *Group* who previously invaded Ashina in the past. It is very clear that Tomoe was simply an exceptional swordswoman, and that she managed to harness Lightning. The Okami can harness Lightning because Lightning itself is a force of the Gods, they worship the Divine Dragon, and the Fountainhead Palace is partway between the Mortal Realm and the Divine Realm. For the Okami it's natural because of where they are and what they're around. For Tomoe it's exceptional because Lightning is a Divine force.
Except, there's a discrepancy with whether or not Tomoe *is* one person because of the following items: 1) Fragrant Flower Note, which reads: "relatives of *the* Tomoe once gathered the Fountainhead Fragrance, and arrived at the palace,"; and, 2) Page's Diary, which makes mention of a *Lady Tomoe* being part of Lord Takeru's court, which in turn makes it questionable as to WHY she would mentor Genichiro in the first place if they're the same person...since the Ashina Clan overthrew Takeru when Genichiro was a *child*, after all. Her special technique is also called "The Lightning of Tomoe," rather than something more specific--like the OTHER technique she created: Spiral Cloud Passage.
Honestly, the entire basis of the assumption that Tomoe isn't just a single person is only one single line from a single item description, which can very well simply be a mistranslation or even a typo. The Ashina Clan have always owned these lands, and even if Lord Takeru had been the one overthrown, it is clear from Kuro that they still both revere and safeguard the Divine Heir. Tomoe was Takeru's Guardian, in the same manner Wolf is Kuro's, and thus she would already be within the Castle or near it for an extended period of time. That leaves ample opportunity for Genichiro to learn from her, especially when she was highly regarded and respected even by Lord Isshin.
Completely trivialized by Sabimaru. Able to deathblow after just a few hits from it.
4/7/18 - Edited the Lore and Trivia sections to have less theorizing in them.
noob faith build gets destroyed under 3 seconds by high level dex player
Images in gallery are of the corrupted monk, not shizu.