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I find this headless is more powerfull than the rest....with all of my bead upgrades he killed me with one *****ing swipe....like wtf really
The best part is that this is probably the least useful spiritfall. Yellow candies get dropped like, well, candy. I think I have 70 of them and I haven't even killed the gorilla yet. Until I run out I don't see this thing ever being useful.
Yeah there really annoying but if you use divine confetti and deflect they go down so easy
I think you weren't watching your terror meter. This one could barely damage me with the swipes. The terror is a 1 hit kill, so I think that is what killed you.
Headless dropped by accident into the water and died. I got money and a spirit emblem, but not the Goukan spiritfall... That is what you get for running away