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FAITH IS FOR SUCKERS! (no offence)
Suck on this great lightning spear
Many people took offence
I find your lack of faith disturbing
WoG, Sunlight Weapon, Sunlight Spear
Ok... I have done alot of faith builds. So tbh this is awkward. Faith is good, Wog and sb are useful. So yeah... this aged like milk ( sorry to anyone I offended)
Filthy heretic. This is what happens to heretics.
youtube dot com/watch?v=dDCF2a-Yfi4&ab_channel=Joe


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i would recommend using WOG (wrath of gods) and abuse spell canceling with it. its ridiculously strong in PvP
I wasted 45k souls on faith...
grab a talisman and start throwing lighting.
This sounds like the words of a heretic. Igor, get the pyre ready. We have another godless fool to burn.
okay, thanks for the info but whats the frickin soft and hard cap?
It's 40 for all execept darkmoon talisman which caps at 50. If you are unsure, go to mugenmonkey.
soft cap is 40 unless you use darkmoon which caps at 50. Going above 40/50 still improves your spells. Just to smaller extend so it is fine idea to invest in other usefull stats and reaching their soft cap.