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do you have it 1 full to the owl deciision ?????? plsss
Can't even finish this***** game once since they made the Sword Saint form of Isshin unbeatable of PS4 and never fixed him lol, pathetic.



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Git gud
just beat him right now, took my me a long *** time but not invincible. U got this my man. Just spam all the consumables since is the last boss (specially rice is dope) and 3-4 phase just abuse the jump he does. Lets go man!
Just beat him.. Only took me two days.. Total of 4 hours(2 hours a day each to completely know him).. So for my advice, git gud.. As you as in other Fromsoft games
Don't know how much time you spent on this last boss but I can tell you we all went through that moment. Take a breath and when u finally get him, besides the unbeatable relief you will experience, you will realize that the biggest moment of frustration came after only a few tries. To get to beat bosses like Ishin or The demon of hatred, It demands to accept gettin buttkicked even after you start feelin at ease with a given phase. The foe brings new moves to the table and you need to learn them. But to do so, you need to do the first phases over and over again. In the end, it's highly probable that you will become a killer against Geni and Isshin's first two phases. And the final stand will be painful, your heart will beat faster, the sweat will make you slip and miss some controls,Isshin's health and posture bars will seem always to full, wheareas you will run out of gourds. You'll feel in a rush and start mixin up everything, but the final hit will come and you'll scream and feel your hands shaking. I finished my third run today and I still felt this way. And btw, I was about to quit for a while after my 10th death against Ashina Genichiro in my first playthrough. Glad I kept on. Hope you beat the hack outta him mate.
It seems you don't know what you are talking about. I'm not a very good player although I've completed every souls-borne games and this fight took me many hours but once completed it once, knowing the patterns you can do it first try easily. I did kill him first try on NG+ (it was my second encounter) after probably more than 50 deaths against him on my first playthrough. I'm not aware if in PS4 he is different or anything, but it's the first time I hear about this so I'm assuming it's the same bossfight in every platform.
once i choose an ending can i go back?
No, but you can choose an ending or complete the steps for an ending after defeating the boss. Just don't interact with Kuro until you want to see the ending, the game will ask you if you want to go to NG+ or stay in that playthorugh, but you can't have several endings in the same NG.

If you want to "go back" you have to copy your save file before interacting with Kuro.