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Below where? On your "PC Save files" chapter is saying "see below" but there is nothing.
Below where? On your "PC Save files" chapter is saying "see below" but there is nothing.
When you put your save back onto your ps4 form your usb does that save overwrite your existing one on the console, or does it create a separate save?
RIP xbox players :'(
Has anyone done this using cloud storage for Xbox? If so, share your wisdom :)
it's called get an actual "Man Console" the PS4 Pro, OR go even higher tier than that and join the league of gods with a PC Master Race. At least $2,000 has to be Invested in your PC to be considered top tier.
I can tell the kid denoting a video game console as "manly" got beat as a kid. No one cares about your incorrect opinion regarding Sony supremacy. Eat me.
If there are multiple accounts on one console, does each account have its own save? Or if one profile starts a new game, does it bork the current profile save? Example: GamerDad is 75% done. GamerSon wants to try. If he starts a new game on his profile (same console) does it overwrite GamerDad's?
Each account has it's own save file completely independent of one another. So no, they won't overwrite each other. Nub. Lol jkjk xoxo
No update for xbox ?
I play on XboxOne. Say that, after defeating the final boss, I save, quit, re-enter and I choose ending number one. After that's done, I choose "Load Game" from the main menu and it's gonna put me back right after I defeated the final boss, so I can choose endings 2 or 3? It's not gonna rewrite after ending number one?
It will save after you select the ending, if there is Amy sort of data management you can do with saves, taking a save and putting it on a usb will thenlet you do the ending, and reload the save off the usb
I created two programs that will assist Windows users in the process of what you guys apparently call "save scumming". You can read my guide for a full description of the source code and the process of using the program. Executable versions of the program are available for anyone who (A) trusts the vibe of this message and wants to save time, or (B) isn't tech-savvy enough to feel comfortable downloading Visual Studio, creating a project, setting it to a Windows Application, copy-pasting some code, and clicking "Build".
If this comment does not contain a link, the link is being automatically deleted, so you will want to search for "How to Manually Save in Sekiro" in Steam Guides.