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By Anonymous
they did a great job showing you how strong this guy is
even his dying breaths can kill you
By Anonymous
daddy dragon
By Anonymous
The rubble is the most annoying enemy in the game...
By Anonymous
dragon bone smasher and other such large weapons 1 shot the rubble even if you don't meet the stat requirements
By Anonymous
Whoever f***ing designed this f***ing stealth f***ing Metal Gear Solid-a** fight should k*** themselves!!!!!!
By Anonymous
fromsoft fans when literally every fight isn't about rolling at the right time
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
How can I get the dragon god photo in hd
By Anonymous
i love being one shot at 25 vig
By Anonymous
What a surprise a gimmick fight is the one of the worst soulsborne bosses
By JillLloyd
I think this boss would be less annoying if it wasn't so hard to see where he was looking. The way the arena is designed makes it impossible to see him at a lot of key points in the fight.
Also the absurdity of him just hanging out across from the only thing that can kill him feels uncharacteristically gimmicky fro a Fromsoft game
By Anonymous
it doesn’t matter where he’s looking from my experience. He sees me behind a bunch of sh¡t when he’s looking in the exact opposite direction. He’ll also randomly attack without his eyes ever turning red. bs gboss
By Anonymous
yeah for all the hate bed of chaos gets, at least the way to defeat it is *inside*.

hell, even the pursuer smashes the balistas when you go for them.

they protected their weakpoints. so to top off a really boring and bad gimmick, it doesn't get good world building.
By Anonymous
The Dragon God is the demon form of the Legendary Big M. That's why his most common attack is punching and the Hands of God are found near his arena