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By Anonymous
Hopefully in a dlc we can use this.
By Anonymous
I wish but I don’t think we’re getting dlc
By Anonymous
Why would you want to use it? What would it do, side from Mortal Draw being black instead of red?
By Anonymous
Maybe no one discovered it or maybe its super hard to meet requirements, or its just gonna be a dlc item, who knows.
By Anonymous
I'm gonna copy what I just posted in the Isshin Ashina page's comments:
If you Eavesdrop on Isshin Ashina by hugging the wall outside his doorway, you can listen to him say, "The crimson Mortal Blade...That means the one he has must be...black, then. To abandon oneself in search of strength...How tragic..."
I don't know what requirements must be met to trigger this, but I'm fairly certain you have to have at least gotten the Mortal Blade from the Divine Child of Rejuvenation. After getting it, talking to Isshin Ashina will have Wolf explain that when he drew and looked upon the crimson blade, he died, once.
So... As you just told him your blade is crimson, and he says "the one he has is black, then" implies that... there is more than one Mortal Blade? Perhaps this is mentioned/explained at some point later in the game, as I've only completed Mibu and Senpou Temple, and am just about to kill the Guardian Ape.
So, based of this page containing no additional info, I'm assuming the Black Mortal Blade really is a thing! As others have mentioned, perhaps it is already present in the game and is hard to get or will be dlc. (Edited format for easier reading, as well as additional comments after seeing this page doesn't contain additional information on the Black Mortal Blade) -DK
By Anonymous
Ugh.. well... First time posting so I didn't know that the format would clump everything together... so... nix the format for easier reading comment. :(
By Infinite
It won’t be available ever probably. It’s wielded by Genichiro to revive Isshin for the final battle. His desire to save Ashina reached the point where he used it to sacrifice himself to save Ashina
By Anonymous
Isn't it the weapon Genichiro uses during the second way of tomoe fight (immortal severance final boss phase 1)? He starts the fight with a black mortal draw
By Anonymous
Yes it is, and if you do the Shura ending you pick it off of Owl’s corpse
By Anonymous
Unlike the red one, this one has the ability to transfer the immortality from one to another.
By Anonymous
no it does not, what it does instead is opening the gateway to the underworld, that is why Isshin was able to not only revive, but appear as himself in his prime
By Anonymous
that is why it says transferring, it's technically getting rid of Tennis immortality and gives it to Isshin
By Anonymous
The Black blade could be wielded by anyone, thats why Owl could hold it. If it did transfer immortality then we could've fought Owl again after we stabbed him as the 3rd boss in a row during the Shura ending.
By Anonymous
In the shura ending why does owl have the mortal blade?
By Anonymous
That confused me too, it just kind of popped out of nowhere.
By Anonymous
I think that's because Owl killed Genichiro while you fought Isshin and Emma.
By Infinite
Owl kills Genichiro. If you hack and use a free cam using the Shura ending you can see owl puts down
By Infinite
You can see owl puts down Genichiro’s severed head next to Isshin’s corpse, which is probably why he left Isshin and Emma to us.Accidentally clicked submit.
By Anonymous
The most i know about it is from the black scroll.
By Anonymous
Owl decapitate Genichiro, you can see Owl place something(Genichiro's head) beside Isshin's body, he took the Black Mortal Blade from Genichiro
By MonarchOfLight
Yes, The Owl presumably does this during Sekiro's fight with Isshin and Emma. There doesn't appear to be much information about how Genichiro initially acquires the blade or how The Owl is able to wield it, however. My guess is that the Black Mortal Blade acts largely as an inverted version of the Mortal Blade. The Mortal Blade kills any who draw it, and is capable of "severing immortality". The Black Mortal Blade, then, likely does not kill the one who draws it (and possibly grants them some form of abilities?) and is capable of returning immortality, in the form of "opening the gate" to the underworld so that those who died live again. We see this happen in the non-shura game endings when Genichiro strikes himself with the blade, returning Isshin, The Sword Saint from the underworld.
By Anonymous
Maybe Owl never draws the black mortal blade. Maybe he defeats Genichiro the same way Sekiro does in the first fight on top of the castle, then in the few seconds while Genichiro is reviving, Owl takes the sword from his hand (already drawn) and kills him with it. This would mean that Owl can never really put it away unless he becomes immortal or decides he never needs to draw it again, but there's something very appropriate to the Shura ending about a sword you can never put away. A little like the original ROFAP.
By Anonymous
Does this blade lacks the power to kill immortal creatures? Neither Genichiro nor Isshin can kill you for good or disable your resurrection power in final encounter.
By Anonymous
The first Mortal Blade (不死斬り Fushigiri/Immortal Severance) has the power to slay immortal beings. The second Mortal Blade (開門 Kaimon/Open Gate) has the power to open a gate to the underworld.
By Anonymous
As an old text describing a black Mortal Blade: "The blade's name is "Open Gate", and is said to hold the power to open a gate to the underworld. It is through this power that it creates life."
By Anonymous
It must have the ability to sever immortality, because Tomoe used it to kill Takeru. She used one of the swords to behead him, and was unable to get the one from Senpou. Genichiro was also able to harm Kuro with it, and Kuro is not vulnerable to a regular weapon, which is why Sekiro can't kill him with his normal sword, even at the end of the game. It probably doesn't affect your resurrection because it would either be a full game over with a bad ending after one death, or it would just block your resurrection and force them to make the last boss battle easier, or frustrate a lot of their players. So I think they just overlooked it for gameplay reasons.