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tried this on headless with malcontent, the damage is solid AF
Yeah man. It's useful against all of this types of enemies. And freaking op against illusions. Illusions have absolutely noch chance and headless or shichimen warrior for example are no enemies anymore against this axe! You could go with the sacred flame but this is only the same like divine confetti. So go with divine confetti and with the axe is always the best. And makes this enemies absolutely easy, they're helpless against it. Some ppl just don't get it. How and when you have to use the flame axe and when you have to use the lazulite..
Does anyone know if the fire damage has been lost?
it doesnt do any fire damage
Yeah the lazulite version looses the fire dmg. It's only useful against illusions and enemies where divine confetti is strong against, like shichimen or the headless.
Of course the flame axe does fire dmg ^^ don't replie if you have no idea, from nothing..
this tool looks sick asf
Trying this on ng+3 with bell and without charm on headless,zero posture damage,health loss smaller than from 1 light atk,am i missing something or this upgrade useless as fk?
It works against illusions, just like a snap seed. It does not replace Divine Confetti.
Illusions and Apparitions are different, sorry. There are hardly any illusions in the game, so it's quite hard to justify using this over the flaming axe.
You were looking for the Lazulite Sacred Flame, which (particularly with Living Force) helps in most instances where Divine Confetti would specifically be useful. Lazulite Axe is just a replacement for Snap Seeds, which is odd, considering there are only 3 instances in the game I know of where they help, and not that much.
Why does the wiki say it has a 3 Emblem cost? It's only 2 Emblems in my game.
Flame axe is the best. And if you time it right - when the enemies attack or doesn't block - you Dea soo much posture dmg (talking about only one hit with the following normal attack) This makes it the strongest tool for me. Cause you need 2 or maybe 4 emblems and the enemies are down. Just learn to time it right. And it gives burning. So even better. For posture and normal dmg. I don't understand why some uses the sabimaru instead of the axe. The most normal tools are better than the lazulite. Really. The flame, piercing versions are all better. Only against a few enemies the lazulite is better. Only the ace and the flames help in ng sooo much! For the part against illusions and all enemies are weak against divine confetti. The shichimen or the headless for example.. Against illusions its sooo freaking op that you need nothing else. No seeds and no confetti. Corrupted monk 1 is helpless against the axe and the sacred flames. Even the real corrupted monk is weak against the lazulite axe. Cause like I said. It's strong against all enemies who are weak against seeds and divine confetti. But if I had to make a choice - with wich version I would go through the game - it would always be the flame axe. But in ng I would choose the flame for normal and lazulite against all of this, illusion, shichimen and enemies like this.. And the axe only needs 2 emblems, and you have 2 attacks with the following attack (don't know the name in English, but this following attacks what all prosthetics have) this makes the axe, the most useful an most powerful!