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By lordherpie
I'm interested in eveyone's best farming spots for items, coin and XP.

The ones i have used:

very early (after horse-boss) -
from the idol follow path and kill the gunman, jump over the wall to the right, stealth kill the lone rat next to the tree, run over to the other tree with 2 rats and stealth kill the first and normally kill the 2rd rat (which is very easy if you use the axe-prostetic to break his hat/shield). gives money, XP and items (pellets and sometimes crafting mats)

Mid-game -
From the gunfort idol, move into the nearby hallway and stealth kill the gunner. go back and repeat. good for XP, not so good for money and items.

Mid-late -
From the secret forest idol, turn around and jump over the cliff (in the direction where you fought the guardian ape (i think he needs to be killed for this farm-spot to work). 2 ghost will appear that are very easy to kill by simply spamming attack. each ghost gives 600+ XP, but drops no money and only very rarely drop an item (candy if i remember correctly).

Im especially interested in the fastest farm spots for gold, but fast XP farms are awesome too!
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By SlaveKnightKos
The best farming spot for xp and money late game is the Outskirts - Stairway idol after everything starts burning (3rd phase). You just stealth kill 4 or 5 of the guys and then spam the other one to death if there is one left.

This will give you tons of money and xp very quickly, but it will also give you ministry dousing powder, yellow gunpowder, and it is the best farming spot in the game for fulminated mercury.

This spot is also very good for balloon usage, because it is fastest to rest at the idol, and that doesn't reset the balloon.
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By SlaveKnightKos
Early game would be the "rats" at the Ashina Gate. You need the axe to do it easily. Try to stealth kill 1 or 2 of them.

Mid game would be stealth killing the blue cloak right next to the first Ashina Dojo idol over and over again. This gives good Divine Confetti too.
By Bigtruck99
Seeking help on how to acquire gun fort key from Kuro, I completed senpou zone before defeating Genichiro. Kuro directs me to visit ishnn in his tower, I go back to visit Kuro afterward and no key or story advance, is this bugged, please advise what to do, thanks
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By SlaveKnightKos
After you talk to Ishinn in his room and you get him to tell you where the Mortal Blade is (he'll talk about the main road being unusable), when you go back to Kuro's room, Kuro will be coughing, opened a new room, the key will be next to him, and the bell will appear in Senpou Temple.

If none of this works, it is probably bugged.

Keep in mind, taking shortcuts in the story of this game will usually only cause confusion and frustration.
By black_gamer
No after beating Genichiro you are able to give Kuro what the senpou temple monk gave you nad after going there you can go to illusion palace
the fourth monkey will be at your behind in the beginning
By Darknessconsumes
I really need help on Great Shinobi fight. I've read guides, watched "how to beat" videos, and watched equal skilled players beat him live, but I just can't get him. I'm over like 75 tries at this point... Went back to DS3 fire awhile actually
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By SlaveKnightKos
The key to the Great Shinobi: Owl fight is being reactive rather than proactive. This means punishing his moves with attacks, rather than trying to fit in your attacks whenever you can. Deflect what you can, but keep in mind that a step dodge can put you in a better position for a counter attack (try using Whirlwind Slash or Mortal Draw).

Another thing is that when you go into your menu, the game is paused. This can make it very easy to apply buffs and, more importantly, cure the poison you will inevitable be afflicted with.
By Musashi13
Hey im on Guardian Ape the first phase is no problem the seconde one is driving me nutts
I could use some tips and tricks to beat him in the second phase most of the time its his terror scream that kills me.
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By SlaveKnightKos
For future reference, the key to the headless phase is getting 2 good deflections in a row, then using the spear to pull the centipede out of his neck.

The scream is significantly shorter behind him, so if you are right up next to him, go behind. Also, in order to dodge the attack, you need to be able to recognize the telegraph. Before the red letter will appear, he will stand up, breath in, and put his head back on his neck. If you can recognize that and then immediately start sprinting you should be fine.
By posingballoon313
The way I beat bosses is by watching speedrunners. Specifically which item they use for the boss they are fighting. The prosthetic tool that really helps are the umbrellas fire/purple. Depending if the boss you are fighting has apparition attacks, use purple. If regular blade attacks, the fire one is good.

Im leaving a link for you guys to check out this speedrunner that I watch. IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE GAME YET, don't watch the whole video. He starts from the first boss then the following bosses you will meet through out the game.

https://dausel.co/NuWbs1" rel="nofollow
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By 1001Anonymous
1. Learn and utilize all prosthetic tools in combat
2. Go to Fountainhead on your first playthrough for all the amazing items
3. Stay stealthy before fighting Juzuo the Drunkard
4. Use your shuriken to kill small animals (Dogs, Chickens, etc...) and to knock down Lady Butterfly
5. Listen and read all NPC dialogue
6. Never EVER assume you have won a fight if you have already killed the boss
7. Learn to dodge less and deflect more
8. Take the bell from the old woman in Ashina Outskirts and give it to the Buddha statue at the Dilapidated Temple
9. Kill all headless for amazing rewards
10. Look everywhere for hidden grapple points or loot