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Costs 1 emblem to use, definitely worth it.
Still does chip damage, but a pretty good amount. 16 charged attacks of these can basically get the Demon of Hatred down to about 60% hp, so they're very useful for dealing damage if you're too far away while he's doing a fire throw attack. Also good if you're just a couple of hits away from depleting a health bar and low on health.
This is basically gouging top with slightly higher damage. I've never directly benefited from the piercing aspect and only the last hit pierces but it's my go to shuriken. Arguably the most worth lazulite upgrade
I like how it said "These blades do not slow down, even after striking an enemy." Don't know why.
Pretty sure they can pierce through multiple enemies. I haven't paid quite enough attention but I'm pretty sure I've hit two enemies with one throw a couple of times, but only if they're very close. Doesn't seem to happen on the charged throw
They can go through "dog" type enemies. I believe the same goes for the Ashigaru.
In my second play through, I used this against the chained ogre mini-boss near the beginning and he cowered in fear like I used the flame vent or something. Unsure if it has a little flame effect or I staggered him.
Strangely enough, fully charged attacks with either the Phantom Kunai and the Lazulite Shuriken may perform more or less effectively depending on the enemy and I assume this is the same for their uncharged attacks. In conclusion, this upgrade does not necessarily deal death less efficiently than the Phantom Kunai and, in most cases, the Lazulite Shuriken seems to out-class the Phantom Kunai.