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If there is any advice I can give, it is get this Combat Art as soon as you can. It is very fun and very rewarding to pull off correctly.
I agree. I was underwhelmed by Praying Strikes so I was on the fence whether I should get this. I'm glad I did, the posture damage on sweeps is insane.
imo it is a garbage skill, first attack is antiair which is very very situational. usually u'll get staggered during first attack. better stick to passives in this tree. OR watch this skill on youtube frist if u really wanna spend precious exp on this trash.
Or you're just garbage at reading/playing it's not anti-air it's to jump over attacks like perilous sweeps, the first move isn't an attack just like the roll is Dark Souls isn't an attack. If you're using this for anything other than dodging attacks and dealing posture damage you should uninstall the game.
It's actually one of the best. It goes over unblockable sweeps and does ridiculous amounts of posture damage.
Finally, I can give those purple cloak shinobi a taste of their own medicine.
Personally my favorite combat art. Gives a solid defense against sweeps and has tracking when focusing the camera on an enemy, so enemies that moves alot during their perilous sweep gets eaten up. Works as a great compliment to Mikiri counter.
Followup to previous; the only time i have seen this counter not work as intended is against the Owl (father) boss due to his perilous sweep moving him to far.
The only combat art worth using in whole tree,high monk is a waste since additional atks absolute unnecessary,all mobs or bosses will deflect or start hyper armor move after 2-3 hits and you will get rekt if try to land full high monk combo.