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Using this to defend against Red Eyed enemies both defends against their attacks and causes them to recoil in fear for 1-3 seconds, enough time to get some good hits in. It works especially well with Projected Force, as it follows up with a flaming cross-slash. It's very effective and took down the Red Eyed Ashina Elite very quickly for me.
Use this in the Demon of Hatred fight, it's helpful in alot of situations.
I did too. I mainly used it when he would do that jump attack that would explode when he hits the ground. I would wait until he’s about to land to open it, I would keep the umbrella closed until I could see him to prevent getting hit by debris, then I would use projected force
Where is the upgrade located?
Why does your arm smoke after blocking attacks? Does it have any affect on the umbrella?
Did you get the Project Force skill?
Yeah. I have projected force. So what does the smoking mean?
Never mind. I figured it out.