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By Anonymous
The best thing I like about it apart from general difficulty increase is that it will give game mechanics such as deflections, parry timings, dodge Iframes and most importantly prosthetic tools a whole new meaning. You are now supposed to utilise everything available in the arsenal. I myself came up with so many different prosthetic strats to deal with enemies/bosses.
By Anonymous
Agreed, I tried a lot of things and the game became a lot more in depth, Kusabimaru and the crow mist became my favorite toiols
By Anonymous
For those who say that the game was intented to play charmless, you are wrong.
Difficulty in videogames is complex. For a given videogame with a good combat system as well as a good storyline, if you play it on easy mode maybe you can enjoy the story but you gloss over the combat, repeating the same strategy or moves over and over without appreciating it and it tends to become repetitive ; if you play on a harder mode, maybe you do explore some more of the options the game gives to you and there is a sense of accomplishment in mastering the mechanics, but sometimes that extra difficulty is just too much and nonsensical, and as the guy below stated, harder doesn't mean funnier.
I like the aproach that is taken on souls games and some others, including Sekiro, by having a fixed difficuty. They are telling you from the beggining that that's the way the game is meant to be played, and also, that's the way they try to achieve balance between gameplay and storyline.
The combat in sekiro, in my opinion, is just beautiful, and it does feel good to become good at it, and the only way to do it is by dying over and over, but on your first playthrough the game doesn't allow you to play charmless and that is for a reason. It is not an easy game, despite of what some no life brats like to say, but there is a huge different after a couple hours. At first i use to feel overwhelmed by almost every mob, specially the fat dudes with hammers, but now i can defeat most bosses without taking damage by deflecting and that is gorgeous, but to get there i died A LOT. Here is when the demon bell and the charm come in, because at this point, when you have mastered the game the additional challenge is appropiate and pushes your limits even further, it does change your playstyle, maybe now you have to use the consumables you forgot about on your first playthrough, maybe you should try different prosthetics when facing some foes... is somewhat a new experience, but is easy to get frustrated. Some mobs can easily one shot you just for a silly mistake or a bad camera angle, or if you fight a new boss that you didn't face before, for example because you are doing a different ending (shura ending, in my case), the part of learning his moveset takes much more time since you die with almost every of his moves, and you have no clue of what he is capable of, so if you were to die on a normal game like 4 or 6 times or whatever until you do an actual attempt, on a charmless game with the demon bell maybe those 4 deaths become 20. On the other hand, piercing attacks don't make sense anymore because every single one is a piercing attack. You are clearly inferior compared to your enemies in terms of strength without any context, and that's why the game allows you to turn back to a normal game if you want by giving you back the charm, or dispelling the demon bell, because maybe it is too much and they can make the game not fun for you anymore, so, no, charmless is not the way the game was meant to be played at first.
If you like the challenge, you enjoy the combat system (and you have mastered it at least in part) and are a bit of a masochist, like me, maybe you should give it a go, not even on your second game, maybe on the third or fourth, but not before. Play as you like, the game is awesome so it's up to you (sorry for my english, i'm still learning).
By Anonymous
PLUS, i thought the dialogue between Kuro and Wolf when you give him back the charm, when he says "Suffering is what i want" (voices in Japanese with subs in Spanish, doesn't know what exactly he says in English), was brilliant.
By Anonymous
Git gud scrub.
By manusshields
By Anonymous
Hello. sorry for my bad english...
By Anonymous
This game does have a sort of easy mode. If you die to many times, you gain ranks in shinobi medicine earlier than normal. This lets your flask heal more.
By Anonymous
amazing comment. I tried doing charmless on my second playthrough (plus I haven't played in a year) and it was too hard... I'll finish the game normally a few times, get shura ending, try playing with demon bell, and only after that I'll try charmless playthrough
By Anonymous
You did it! You made a comment that says "this isn't for everyone" and it got positive feedback. Nearly unheard of here
By Anonymous
A harder mode doesn't always make the game more enjoyable
By Anonymous
Yes its doesnt always make it more enjoyable, but it could. Its optional anyway, and nothing in the game says you suck if you dont play charmless, only the stupid part of the fanbase does.
By Anonymous
Imagine sucking at video games lol
By Anonymous
16 may anon anyone who beats the final boss of sekiro can't possibly be considered bad at video games
By Anonymous
15 July anon, thank you for being wholesome and not raging like an ape over a video game. Some people are so sweaty that they think playing on a higher difficulty somehow makes them a higher being than other players. If any of you readers think this way, please for the love of god, go out and touch some grass.
By Anonymous
After playing the game on charmless for so long, I feel like the game was originally designed to be played charmless. I feel like the base game doesnt incentivize deflecting perfectly enough. Sure your posture gets hit more but that doesnt mean much when you could just back off and regain it in 3 seconds.
By Anonymous
There is attacks that you still take damage from when you block them even with the charm, not to mention there is unblockable attacks you're forced to parry, jump or evade in same way as you do in charmless.
By Anonymous
My observation on Kuro's charm(ng+4): not having it in the inventory definitely effects the enemy ai. Most noticeable were the story boss enemies. During Genichiro silver field or tower fight he would perform uncommon attacks frequently like that over head with perilous thrust. In Gyoubu phase2 he was entirely melee oriented and would never run away giving us chance to grapple confirmed after replaying it in reflection of strength. I also found ashina soldiers(hat) to be much offensive and even the nightjars who take big pauses between offense were attacking me non stop. I really want someone else to confirm my observation.
By Anonymous
Nah its not true
By Anonymous
Youre mistaken these facts are false
By Anonymous
Completely false
By Anonymous
So in lore point of view not having kuro's charm which would be the physical reality of Wolf, not only enemies are stronger but Wolf himself is very weak? Enemies don't take chip damage when blocking but wolf does. Sabimaru takes ages to poison enemies while wolf gets poisoned in seconds. Wolf's vitality and posture is so less he's also near physically challenged among all enemies and bosses. "Skilled shinobi"? My a**.
By Anonymous
My only response to this: Wolf is also half the size of Owl.

Don't overthink it.
By Anonymous
This actually fits my theory that the Owl's original plan was to give the Divine Heir a weak shinobi as vassal so that he would be easy to kidnap later on and obtain the Dragon's immortality
By Anonymous
on the contrary, Wolf is so skilled that he needs to be physically handicapped to make it a fair fight for everyone else.
By Anonymous
Yea Wolf is smaller than most enemies and trained in stealth by the Owl. Notice how he only really begins with stealth techniques and a combo string with his sword.
He's really not very skilled at the start, and given how events play out, I think Owl meant to keep him weak. It's through prothetic upgrades and techniques he manages to best literally anyone
By Anonymous
Also notice when he gives back the Charm, he says "suffering is what I desire" so take that into your lore consideration
By Anonymous
So you're saying.
Easy difficulty=no bell demon, kuro's charm
Normal difficulty=bell demon
Hard(or nightmare) difficulty=bell demon, no kuro's charm.

By Anonymous
the demon bell alone doesn't make a significant change in terms of difficulty, especially if you're on NG+7. It makes a difference when coupled with charmless. The true difficulty increase is playing charmless. I honestly don't think this game has an "easy" difficulty, since even in NG your right to error is low. But in NG your posture recovery doesn't have a delay and enemies can be taken down faster so I'd say if you have to assign an "easy" mode it'd be NG. NG+ playthroughs give you posture recovery delays and in general you don't have the luxury of always blocking because your posture runs out way faster in order to encourage players to play properly, so it would be the normal mode. Charmless is the hard mode since you take chip damage from blocking and everything is more lethal. Charmless + demon bell takes it one step further as some attacks that leave you with minimal hp otherwise kills you here so it's slightly more challenging. So even though one can say "easier" or "harder" relatively I don't think the game is, in its regular difficulty, easy in any way. But that's just my opinion.
By Anonymous
So are you able to remove the charm at any point in the story, or do you absolutely have to do it at the beginning?
By Anonymous
Only at the very beginning. You can get it back however, at any point in the game.
By MattElDogo_NYC
Sekiro is my first FromSoftware game. Got my a•• kicked like never in a game ! Got the platinum trophy and the game really revealed itself after I gave the charm back ! Deflecting becomes so satisfying and not a L1 spam ! The game should be like that at first with increasing chip damages through the NG+s.
By Anonymous
I'm all for playing without the charm, cause I love the challenge. But it bothers me that without charm the umbrella prosthetic loses some of its utility. I just wish the umbrella wouldn't take chip damage, cause one of the cool things the umbrella does is to store "energy" and then release it (provided you have the skill). Without the charm that's hardly viable unfortunately
By Anonymous
I know for the love of God as an umbrella user myself I had to change my gameplan and use other shinobi tools ={
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