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By Anonymous
its a shame the new outfits don't carry over to normal new games like Kuro's charm
By Anonymous
The leap between charmless and base game is absolutely huge and I think that really a bell demon playthroughs is the best inbetween you can get so for those considering to do it on a new game try out bell demon first
By Anonymous
Kuro Charm = normal difficulty
No Kuro Charm = hard difficulty
No Kuro Charm + Demon Bell = nightmare difficulty
By Anonymous
The charm makes the game a lot easier for the noobs that think the game is harder with the charm is funny. Like the game even tells you the game will be harder without the charm and some people think the game is harder without
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ok mr. pro dildo
By Anonymous
For those that complain about Sekiro not having an easy mode, well ladies and gentlemen Kuro's Charm ng plus is an easy mode.
By Anonymous
Bot having the charm is a hard mode
By Anonymous
I don't think so man for me personally it feels so easy I just have a playstyle where I just deflect I don't even hold L1 I will just L1 spam sometimes I am defensive tho
By Anonymous
Too defensive sorry for my grammar
By Anonymous
I figured I would receive some dislikes for this, oh well it appears some people still need to get good
By Anonymous
You got dislikes for this comment because it makes no sense. The charm makes the game HARDER not easier, in addition to ng+ which makes the game even harder lmao, wth are you talking about?
By Anonymous
Wtf are you talking about the charm makes the game so much more easier try playing with then without just try it
By Anonymous
You have no idea shat you're talking about go get good scrub please go practice and play the game more
By Anonymous
"Returning the charm to Kuro at the start of the game unlocks "the path of further hardships", increasing the difficulty. "

Some idiots need to learn to read the page they're in.
By Anonymous
Thank you I got hate because I was trying to tell people this but some people think the game becomes harder with the charm lmao
By Anonymous
Ok but how does ng+ make the game easier? Answer = it doesn’t
By Anonymous
No, it doesn't but that's why charm is made easy game knows it hard so the charm is relief this easy mode
By Anonymous
It just makes a huge difference the game is made easier for new games plus runs by giving you charm is what I mean answered
By Anonymous
Stupid dingdong making stupid comment and then wondering why he got many dislikes LOL
By Anonymous
People complain about Sekiro being weak but that's not true at all. Storywise he did beat the hell out of each opponent he faced. Yeas he had many shinobi tools at his disposal, but most enemies/bosses also had numbers/tools at their disposal, not to mention those divine cheat crap (like terror or lightning).
By Anonymous
Sekiro can block bullets with just his sword, can redirect lightning, his prosthetic tool has a variety of tools attached if and when he finds all of the tools, and he is overall faster than previous souls protagonists. Skill wise he is good enough to defeat his master Shinobi father at their prime during a magical Buddha influenced memory. He is indeed by no means weak.
By Anonymous
Playing without it breaks the balance of some bosses. You begin to find ways to cheese the boss by utilizing your infinite stamina and not actually engaging with the game mechanics. When perfectly timed deflections become useless, hit and run becomes a viable strat.
By Anonymous
My experience was the complete opposite. When blocking is no longer viable you are forced to learn to deflect perfectly. Hit and run isn't viable for the vast majority of bosses.
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