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By Anonymous
Any opinion on charmless demon bell run vs charmless run on just a regular new game? Never played charmless and I just started a new game without it, it’s brutal af, like playing the game for the first time.
By Anonymous
Is it worth it for the exp and sen? I have been using the demon bell when farming and it works good
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Miyazaki purposely avoids difficulty settings not only so players can experience the joy of overcoming hardship. But, it also provides a shared experience and builds community. Anyone who has played this game and reached key points can just mention that moment and all of the rest of us know exactly what that was like. Likewise, if you are stuck, advice from those of us who did overcome it has real value.

Ironically, Sekiro does have a hidden "easier" mode. If you die to many times, shinobi medicine occurs earlier than normal.
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