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By Anonymous
Not having the charm in your inventory leads to the following hardships according to my testing: - Enemies gain more Vitality and Posture (smth around 30%) - Enemies deal more damage (e.g. all grapple attacks from the chained ogre kill you instantly) - You receive around 20% more Sen - You receive around 15% faster Skill-point-gain - as already mentioned: Blocking physical attacks (basically missing the deflect) makes you take about half of the damage of the attack.
By Anonymous
what the ***** so if you block a one shot attack you will only have a little bit of your health left ?
By Anonymous
Can you confirm this was experienced on NG and not NG+? All of those things sound like they could be from NG+, as if enemies were higher levels if given a more standard RPG style comparison: more health, more damage, more rewards. Same thing with the Bell Demon.
By Anonymous
can you actually proof and confirm by giving out numbers and stuff? especially comparing ng with charm ng+ with charm cant believe you get a health + posture bonus in an normal game by using the charme. this posture and health "upgrade" totally sounds like the effect you get simply from the ng+
By Anonymous
Yes this is right. I tried a NG run last night without Kuro charm and noticed i was doing less damage to basic enemies as well as the ogre.
By Gefarate
I can confirm it increases sen and experience gain.
By Anonymous
I can confirm enemy do a lot more damage. Hidden forest minibosses hit very hard, the Drunk guy 1-hit kills me
By Anonymous
Hmm interesting. Make an already hard game even harder. Not sure if i want that debuff, because blocking has saved my *** quite a lot, but i am going to give it a try. I guess i will remove it if the game becomes too frustrating.
By Anonymous
it makes sense if you use this debuff alongside with Demon's bell's difficulty buff, This way you can make NG+ as hard as when you start NG but with all skills unlocked and more % item discovery.
By Anonymous
I dont see the point of using this, I'd rather farm for an extra hour then deal with those debuffs.
By Anonymous
It's not so bad, in NG+ enemies do so much posture damage anyways you might as well deflect everything.
By Anonymous
its for fun..... with a bit of extra reward. What else do u need lol
By DuckSauceTree
it makes sense if you use this debuff alongside with Demon's bell's difficulty buff, This way you can make NG+ as hard as when you start NG but with all skills unlocked and more % item discovery.
By Anonymous
This does not stack with the demon bell at least as far as the difficulty modifiers go. Source
By Anonymous
damn hyperlink didn't work and I can't edit as Anon
By Anonymous
I wonder how much harder the fast claw guy will be with this. Im using this debuff now and blocking takes a pretty decent chunk of health.
By Anonymous
but parrying doesn't so it should be fine
By Anonymous
Can confirm the charm is given regardless of the ending you chose in the previous NG cycle, including Shura as some sources I found mention you can't get it with shura
By Anonymous
This DOES stack with the Demon Bell. That is to say, one of these debuffs doesn't take precedence, and if you don't have Kuro's Charm, you will still receive additional damage from the Demon Bell, contrary to what this page and its source says.
By Anonymous
By Forkinator
Hey guys. Just finished some testing with kuros charm and the bell demon. I only tested with Kuro's charm on and with Kuros charm on + bell demon on. My enemy of choice was the rooster/chicken enemy at Outskirts wall stairway. It has 2 airborne type attacks. One where the rooster pecks at you once with heavy damage, and another airborne attack where the rooster pecks at you multiple times taking a lot of damage over several pecks. My method: I would allow the rooster to do the airborne attack at me that pecks multiple times, but i would only take 1 hit and back off. I did this a few times with the charm + Bell demon and with the charm and without the bell demon . Keep in mind the screenshots below are all with the same attack, and only 1 hit from that attack (the multiple hit attack) Take 1 With Charm + bell demon : Take 2 With Charm + bell demon : Take 1 With Charm - No bell demon : Take 2 With Charm - No bell demon : I will do some more research, but what this tells us is that the the bell demon, has a very minor effect on additional damage taken when paired with kuros charm. This is just one enemy. It Would be nice if someone could do this with a different enemy but to make sure that the enemy only does 1 specific attack where the damage is captured.
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