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What's the best way to beat these guys, besides landing an anti air death blow?
Mash LB to win, or just do stealth kills. For the couple in front of the temple door you can approach them from their sides and stealth kill either of them, no items needed. Then run away until they forget about you and repeat.
You can stealth kill both in front of the temple by using the ninjitsu smoke art after stealth killing the first.
A lot of patience.
If you're fighting just one, go to the widest space you can find and try to always stay far from it. In the first half of it's hp it'll usually do the gap-closer spinning attack, which you can easily parry for a free hit. After that it sometimes will jump and try to cleave you from above, which is easy to dodge and another free hit as well. Once it's hp is on 60% it'll start doing a jump attack where it charges a gap-closer spin in the air. You can hit it while it charges with a shuriken for lots of posture damage and also a stun, which you can exploit for more free hits. Takes a lot of patience, but it's the best strategy I found for killing it without stealth
Also note that if you fail to parry the spin attack it'll follow up with another, so you have an extra chance to parry (or to die). Good luck
definitely the way to do it just dont go for it every time they jump when they jump back to throw a kunai, dont try it but when they do a spinning forward slash that lags for a second in mid air, thats your window
Chasing strike with a shuriken works pretty well. If they happen to jump, you'll do a ton of damage, since you'll knock them out of the air. Just don't stay close for too long, since they're deadly at that range.
These guys are hell on hard mode. Their short-range swings are actually double attacks, so perfectly parrying both hits is out of the question. Getting hit when trying to land the anti-air is pretty much a 1HKO.
if you tap L1 quickly you can pull it off
No idea what they drop on 1st playthru, I killed all 3 of them outside Main Hall and they gave me a Bulging Coin Purse.
Why are these enemies so horrible?
To use the anti-aerial death blow, back away from the battle monk to bait the flying kick attack.
Aren’t they susceptible to/interruptible by shuriken in mid-air, just like Lady Butterfly?



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It's in the weakness section.
These are the most busted enemies in the entire game. They are manageable enough on your first playthrough but become completely broken on a second playthrough with hard mode. I would say they are more "difficult" than any mini-boss but they aren't really difficult, just not balanced in the slightest. They also don't obey the general rules of combat for dealing with every other humanoid enemy in the game and require kiting and just complete avoidance until they commit to one big swing after which you can get a few hits in (that is, if you're not fighting more than one at the same time. Because otherwise you will have no time to swing). Once I got past them I just avoid them like the plague now. Breezing through NG+ with demon bell + no kuro's charm but facing even just one of these guys honestly sucks the fun right out of the game for me.
Nah, you just didn't get how to punish their fighting style. They have the attack when they jump over you, you can exploit that to drop them on the ground (or maybe even anti-air deathblow them, i didn't try it yet), the attack when they are point blank and do three rotational attack, the third one is unblockable, but when you know the move it's really easy to punish. Additionally every charge attack they have can be interrupted by a shuriken, even the unblockable sweep that you can't punish.
Particularly adept in wrecking your*****. Stealth cheese or overall avoidance is recommended.
hardest f***** enemy in the game, probably harder than most mini bosses and even some bosses. real bs.