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I cant unlock it is my gamew bugged ?
Edit: Cant unlock Golden Vortex, leaping flame, suzaku's umbrella when i have all materials required every other upgrade in that row i already unlocked but these are greyed out
Cant unlock this in the upgrade menu. Anyone know if this is a bug?
need to unlock Okinagas flame vent first, look at the lines going to the upgrade.
Do note that you require the Spiral Spear an the Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella upgrade in order to get this one.
Thank you! I feel like an idiot but nonetheless thank you xD
This upgrade is actually unlocked when you have Spiral Spear and *Okinaga's Flame Vent* It is easy to misread, but just to be clear, unlocking OFV unlocks both the Flaming Leap and Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella, but you need also spiral spear for this upgrade.
*OFV upgrade unlocks Golden Vortex as well, if you have Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella upgrade
Is it just me or both this spear and the sparking axe kinda trash? The +50% emblem cost makes it a lot more limiting, and other than the useless flame effect, the previous upgrade does the job just as well.
Naw I find it to be a super useful bit of burst damage to break up enemy crowds. I will agree that it needs a damage buff however, its output is only just ok.
only useful when u farming Mibu Villagers for SP, one swoop then all of them are killed